WordPress image could not be loaded due to error? Fix it right now

November 24, 2020 by Brayden Callaghan


If you're having trouble uploading a WordPress image due to a bug on your system, this guide should help.

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Download: Error writing file to hard drive WordPress error can occur for various reasons. The most common cause of errors is incorrect folder permissions. Apart from incorrect permissions, this error can also occur if your website exceeds the hosting quota limit.




There are several solutions to this problem. Are you running PHP 7.3 and WordPress 5.3 first? You can try upgrading to PHP 7.2.

Then you can try increasing the storage limit for your site. https://haydenjames.io/understanding-php-memory_limit/

If none of this works, you can try to work around them.

1. Go to your library and select an image. Preferably the one that you have successfully downloaded. Click "Edit" and see where the image is. Keep it open or remember.

July 2021 Update:

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2. Connect to your server using an FTP client and navigate to this folder where your images are stored. Upload your large photos to this folder.

3. They don't appear in your library yet. You need to use a plugin called "Add from Server". Download and install / activate (from Dion Hals) this.

4. Back up your WordPress installation (just in case).

5. Hover over the media and select the new option = Add from Server

6. Navigate to the folder where you uploaded your photos. Make sure you areThere were only photos you want to import into your library (although you can delete duplicates if you make a mistake).

7. After clicking OK, it will take some time, but do not cancel or refresh the page. Wait and you will receive a notification on the same screen when this is done. With a new list of imported files (including resizing if necessary).

8. Your photos are now in the library with a resized note at the end. You can now use them in your posts and they will work fine.

wordpress image failed to upload due to an error

The files will be imported wherever you select them. Therefore, it is important that you place them in the same folder as the rest of your active images before importing them. Otherwise, they will show up in your media library but won't work on your website (it took you a while to figure this out).

I would recommend importing 10-15 images at a time if they are large. If you stop doing this, you risk being disconnected from cPanel due to inactivity and damage your installation (possibly, therefore, a backup Copy).

You can also check out this wordpress.org thread as there are many solutions in it. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unable-to-upload-images-67/page/5/

Let me know if it helps!

What Is A WordPress HTTP Error?

WordPress HTTP error occurs when an error occurs when uploading images or videos using the built-in media library. Unfortunately, unlike browser errors, where you can usually refer to an HTTP status code, WordPress errors are sometimes a little more difficult to troubleshoot (especially if you don't know how to enable WordPress debug mode).

The very vague "HTTP Error" will definitely not help you determine what might be wrong or where to start. However, this is because there may be reasons for the error and WordPress just doesn't know why. Therefore, a general error message is issued (see below).

How to fix upload: error writing file to hard disk in WordPress (3 possible solutions)

Download fix: The error writing the file to disk is pretty simple. Here are three solutions to this problem, depending on the root cause.



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How do I fix the http image upload error in WordPress?

How to fix the WordPress HTTP error
  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Reduce or resize the file.
  3. Rename the image file.
  4. Disable plugins and theme temporarily.
  5. Ask your WordPress host.
  6. Increase PHP memory limit.
  7. Enable the permissions option for the download folder.
  8. Update to the latest PHP version.

What does failed to write to disk mean?

The "Loading: Error writing file to disk" error can occur for several reasons. The most common problem is folder permissions. File permissions determine who can read, write, modify and delete files or folders on your HostPapa server.

Has failed to upload the uploaded file could not be moved to wp content uploads?

Try changing the permissions for the wp-content directory to 766. If you still have problems, try 767, 775 or 777. If your downloads work, change the permissions for wp-content to 755 and check that everything still works. The uploaded file cannot be moved to wp-content / uploads.






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