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June 24, 2020 by Christian Longman


Recently, some readers have reported downloading spyware.

10 best free spyware removal tools
  • Panda Free Antivirus (Panda Dome Free)
  • AVG Free antivirus.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware.
  • Adaware Antivirus Free.
  • Comodo Free BOClean anti-malware.
  • Find and destroy Spybot.
  • Free lock.
  • Norton Power Eraser.

spyware software download


Do I need anti spyware?

Therefore, you definitely need anti-spyware programs, as they focus on this type of tracking and other cookies. whereas antiviruses are mainly focused on viruses; Anti-Malware focuses on malware removal. No program can do much.



Version: 8.0.1052 | Cut: 43.7 MB | Version History | Learn more information

Do not lose control of your PC - identify and remove malicious threats from malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, keyloggers and much more.

For professionals only: real-time threat blocking, automatic database updates, scheduled analysis, and email notifications.

$ 29.95 1 pc / year



Is SUPERAntiSpyware a virus?

Most scammers / cybercriminals try to trick people into creating fraudulent virtual vehicles. Malicious antivirus programs are designed and look like legitimate antiviruses, but the scan tool creates fake “viruses” and pays for their “removal”. But no, SuperAntiSpyware is a legitimate and good source for deleting malicious files.







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