Problems Using Spooler Subsystem Simple Method

July 08, 2020 by Anthony Mellor


In some cases, your system may display an error that indicates problems with the use of the print queue subsystem. There can be many reasons why this problem occurs.

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"The print spooler subsystem has encountered a problem and needs to close." An application may appear in Windows XP if a third-party printer driver or service has been installed. Right-click the Printers folder in the spool folder and click Delete to delete it.



Using the Windows Task Manager, a watchdog for Windows processes, you can find processes that may require large computing resources, such as a large disk, processor, memory usage, etc. In this post you will learn what an application is. Spooler SubSystem and why problems with high CPU usage sometimes occur.

Spooler Subsystem Application (spoolsv.exe)

Sometimes, when starting the task manager service, it is found that the application of the print spooler subsystem uses more than half the processor and more than one gigabyte of memory. What is the Spooler System application and why does it work on your PC? We will find answers to these questions in the near future.

What is the print spooler service?

Software in Microsoft Windows that is responsible for managing all print jobs that are currently being sent to a printer or print server on a computer. The print spooler program allows the user to delete a processed print job or otherwise manage print jobs that are waiting to be printed.

Spooler SubSystem is a process by which a user can manage their print and fax systems. Each time the program sends a document Nt to the printer, the application of the queue manager subsystem adds it to the print queue. The Print Spooler service stores these print jobs in memory and sends them to the printer sequentially when the printer is available. Internet access is only required if you are using the printer on a network.

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In normal situations, the whole process runs as usual (see the figure above) and should not use a lot of resources on your computer. For printing, only certain processor resources are used. It is acceptable. In other cases, the spoolsv.exe process can consume a significant amount of processor resources. This can happen if there is a problem with the Windows printing system. Possible scenarios may include a print queue, a full task, or an improperly configured printer.

High CPU Utilization Of The Spooler Subsystem Application

After this process is stopped, leave the Service Manager window and Windows Explorer open and go to the next folder.

What is the spooler SubSystem app?

What is the Spooler SubSystem app? This process is called the Spooler SubSystem App, and the main file is called spoolsv.exe. He is responsible for managing print and fax jobs in Windows. When you print something, the print job is sent to the print spooler, who is responsible for sending it to the printer.

Delete all files in the PRINTERS folder in this folder to delete any jammed print jobs. As soon as they deleted, you can right-click on the print spooler in the Services window and click Start to reactivate the service.

Can I disable print spooler?

If you turn off the queue, the computer that sends the job prints directly instead of printing to a file on the server, and then the server prints it for you. These menus, which you cannot execute, have print queues that are printed simultaneously on several printers, etc.

If this does not solve your problem, there may be a problem in the printer drivers that you installed for your printers. Update the driver manually and make sure that you have the latest drivers for your printer installed.

spooler subsystem app problems



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