Best Partition Deletion Solution in Windows 7 Problems


If you need to delete partitions in Windows 7, this guide should help you.

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Right-click the Computer icon on the Windows 7 desktop, select Manage, and then Disk Management to open Disk Management in Windows 7. Step 2. Right-click the partition you want to delete. and click on the “Delete volume” button. Then click “Yes” to confirm the deletion of the selected partition.

remove partitions in windows 7


How do I remove a system partition?

How to delete a working / recovery / system / reserved partition -
  1. Type “cmd” in the search bar. [01:43]
  2. Type "section, select *" [02:07]
  3. Enter "Delete rewriting section» [02:20]


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Windows offers more applications and tools that most users can use. If you need to delete a partition or hard drive, you do not need to install third-party applications, such as the EaseUS Partition Master, for this task. You can use Windows and the offered applications for managing hard disks and partitions. To delete partitions using Windows tools such as Disk Management, Command Prompt, or PowerShell:

Delete A Partition From Windows Using Disk Management

First run of Disk Management . Locate the partition you want to delete and right-click on it (or press and hold if you are using a touch screen). You can do this from the list of volumes at the top of the Disk Management window.

You can do the same in the list of hard drives and partitions that appears at the bottom of the "Disk Management" window. Select the Remove Volume option from the context menu.

The “Delete one volume” prompt appears, warning you that deleting all data in the selected section willwill lead to its removal. Before clicking Yes to continue, make sure that you back up all the important data in the section as it will be deleted.

After a few seconds, disk management will delete the selected partition. Now you can mark it as unassigned, as in the screenshot below.

Delete A Partition From Windows Using PowerShell Or The Command Line And Diskpart Tool

If you are a fan of the command line, you can use both the command line and PowerShell. Launch the application you prefer and enter the following commands and then the Enter key:

The selected section has been deleted. You can close the command line or PowerShell, depending on what you used. To learn more about the diskpart command line tool and how it can be used on Windows to manage partitions and hard disks, read this guide: Command line - 6 disk management commands to know .

What Happens To The Deleted Partition?

After deleting a partition in Windows, its storage space is marked as unallocated. EThis means that it exists and is not used. You can use this unallocated space to increase the size of another partition. You can delete another partition, then combine it with a previously deleted partition to create a new larger partition, etc. You have the choice to suit your needs. Before closing this lesson, let us know if everything worked for you. If you have any questions, please comment below.



How do I delete a Windows partition?

Otherwise, if you want to remove only Windows, select partition 0 and press Enter. Where 0 is the number of the partition you want to delete. Type delete section and press Enter. Your Windows partition will now be deleted.


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