The latest Windows update solution broke my computer

August 03, 2020 by Henry Alderson


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last windows update broke my computer

I have avoided updating my computers to the latest version of Windows 10 because the driver is still corrupted or boot problems occur on all my computers, which are very different. I have a 2 in 1 that loses its auto rotation Each update is a regular laptop with bad drivers, and now my office has finally had its greatest success.

After deciding to properly maintain my PC, I updated my graphics drivers, audio drivers, and USB drivers (restart my computer to make the change after each installation). I finally decided to run Windows Update. I ran the update on my way to lunch and everything looked good. When I returned, my computer was still restarting. I didn't think about it at first, because the updates are sometimes quite extensive and require multiple restarts to finish, but after an hour I was curious to see how far he went and I turned on the monitor to see that there was no signal on it. It was also restarted every 20 seconds. Only after an hour of trying to enter BIOS menu to boot from backup I am determinedor that none of my devices are active.

I have a backlit mechanical keyboard that was backlit, so I assumed it was plugged in and working up to this point. To summarize, the USB ports were powered but could not send or receive data. After a simple Windows update, my computer couldn't even post, had problems with USB drivers, couldn't output video and restarted every 20 seconds. The latest Windows update for 2018 turned my $ 700 desktop workstation into a steaming potato.

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I specialize in electrical and computer engineering at university and have a passion for computer science. I tried every trick I knew, from trying to access the BIOS, from booting from a spare disk to flushing and replacing the CMOS. I checked the RAM, power supply Video card and hard drive. I tried every method I could find to boot into Safe Mode and every Windows installation method, but none of them worked.

I am deeply disappointed with the multibillionA business that can transform my computer into a great desktop decoration with just one upgrade. Now I have to either invest in new tools and adapters to damage the hard drive or pay for repairs Buy an exorbitant amount because I don't have the tools to fix this mess myself.

What is the problem with the latest Windows 10 update?



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