How to fix how to activate Aero in Windows 7 Enterprise


This tutorial will identify some possible causes that Aero may activate in Windows 7 Enterprise, and then suggest possible fixes that you can try to fix.

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  1. Choose Start> Control Panel.
  2. In the Appearance and Personalization section, click Customize Color.
  3. Select “Windows Aero” in the “Color Scheme” menu, then click “OK.”

how to enable aero in windows 7 enterprise


What is an Aero theme in Windows 7?

On computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7 that meet certain hardware and software requirements, the default design is Aero Glass, which mainly includes various effects of animation and transparency on the desktop using hardware acceleration and the Office Window Manager (DWM).


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The Aero feature in Vista and Windows 7 is a big new improvement, but sometimes it doesn’t display properly and there is no transparency effect. Here are some quick steps you can take to fix them.

You may have encountered this problem with Aero turned on, but the transparency does not work (as shown in the following examples). It seems I found this after starting the games, watching a video, or updating the video driver.

Now click on the “Fix transparency issues” link and other aero effects under the Aero themes in the settings window.

Note: This link is only available in case of problems with Aero. The following also shows how to access the troubleshooting tool at any time.

If you decide not to apply the repair automatically, you will receive a report when the troubleshooting is complete, indicating what needs to be fixed. I found that this can only be faster if the problems are automatically fixed.

Click on the View detailed information link to receive a report on the tests performed and their results.Ltach, which can be printed if necessary.

You can also solve the problem without transparency by stopping and restarting the Desktop Window Manager session manager service. We found this to be the easiest method in Vista. To do this, enter services.msc in the Start menu search field.

Scroll down until you see Session Manager of the desktop window manager, right-click and select Stop. Right click after shutdown and restart. After a restart, transparency must be restored, and services must be closed.

The above steps are for troubleshooting without transparency. You can fix errors or find other aerodynamic problems by typing the troubleshooter in the search box on the Start menu and pressing Enter.

That's all there is. The next time Aero does not work properly on your Windows 7 computer, these tips will help you restore your original state.

Aero is a hardware-based graphical user interface for Windows 7 and Vista. It is suggested that it offers advanced features, accessny in the standard interface, including new transparencies and animation.

Windows Aero is a design option that allows you to use advanced graphics effects and more sophisticated window grabbing in OBS. Disabling Aero, on the other hand, can improve screen capture performance.

Change The Aerodynamic Parameter By Choosing A Suitable Theme.

Change Your Aero Settings Using The Windows Service

For advanced users, another option is to start or stop the Desktop Window Manager session manager service. To do this, use the Services Manager snap-in console ( services.msc ) or the administrative command line. At the command line, use net stop uxsms to disable Aero and net start uxsms to reactivate Aero.

One of the fastest ways to create a computer running Windows 7 is to customize your desktop theme. If you use Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise, you will have access to an additional theme called Aero. Windows actually calls it the Aero Desktop Experience. Aero Desktop interface is a combination of glassnew visual effects, widgets and color schemes that make the desktop unique compared to other themes.

Aero uses various Windows 7 features to make it even more enjoyable. These features include preview, shake, and widgets. With Peek, you can take a look at any window that is minimized on the taskbar. Thus, you can see what is happening in the window without opening it completely. With Shake, you can focus on one window, literally shake it with the mouse to close everything else, and access the desktop with this single window in focus. Using widgets or gadgets on your desktop, you can add everything from hours to RSS feeds to the latest headlines right on your desktop. We will consider these three features in our own articles shortly .

Using Aero:

If you scroll through your list of topics, you will see that everyone has a small preview. There will be a heading called "Aero". You'll find many Windows 7 themes based on the Aero desktop.

If you click on the Windows 7 Aero theme, the system settings will be changed automatically, and you will not need to confirm the changes, as in older versions.

You can also select one of the other predefined Aero themes. Windows 7 offers several of them to choose from. However, you can visit the Microsoft website or our own Windows 7 theme gallery to select more aviation themes that you can use depending on your interests.

The first setting you can change is the desktop background. Click on the “Wallpaper” link. The default setting for Aerocalled Harmony. This is the Windows logo. If you click, you will get a list of all background images preinstalled on your computer. You can click Browse to add new ones or select your own.

If you use multiple images, like most new Windows 7 themes, you can choose how often they change. To activate this feature, you want to check the multiple background images. From there you can choose how often this changes for you.

After saving the settings, you can click the back arrow in the window to return to the settings. Click on Window Color. This allows you to change the primary colors of the aero theme window.

Now you can choose from a variety of soft colors that you want to use for Windows 7. Here you can enable or disable the Aero transparency function. You can also tinker with brightness, darkness and other functions of each color.

Using the link "Advanced display settings", you can select a color for each type of window that you use on your computer.

Sound parameters should be read that Only when installing a custom theme, but not when using an aero theme, if you really do not want to change system sounds. However, the sounds played with Aero match the theme.

Now you can click on the Screensaver link. Thus, you can change the settings of your screensaver. By default, the aero theme does not have a predefined screensaver. Now you can select a custom screensaver, change the settings and use it to work on your computer. When you're done, click Apply and then OK to exit the splash screen settings.

Should I Use Aero As A Windows 7 Theme?

If you haven’t messed up Windows 7 themes, you may not understand why Microsoft considers Aero to be the “desktop”. When Aero integrates with other Windows 7 features, such as Peek and Shake, with various widgets, it really becomes your own desktop. Windows 7 wants you to customize the theme framework so that only you can recognize, use, and enjoy it. With Windows 7 Aero, you can do this using some really interesting features built intoOperation system. If you have not seen how well Aero works and what you can do with it, what are you waiting for? Try Windows 7 Aero today, take the time to personalize it, and let us know what you think.



Why Aero theme is not working?

Troubleshoot and eliminate transparency
To make it work again, right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and select "Personalization". Now click on the Fix problems with transparency and other aero effects link under Aero themes in the settings window.

How do I restart Aero in Windows 7?

Add a shortcut to reboot in the context menu of the Windows 7 / Vista desktop
  1. Type or run REGEDIT in the search menu on the Start menu and press Enter.
  2. Access the following registry key:
  3. Right-click on the shell and select New -> Key.
  4. Right-click Restart Aero and select New -> Key.
  5. In the right pane, double-click (Standard).


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