Solution to export address books to Outlook Express

August 23, 2020 by Henry Alderson


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In recent weeks, some of our readers have reported looking for an export address book in Outlook Express.

  1. Open Outlook Express.
  2. Select File> Export> Other Address Book from the main menu.
  3. Select the text file (comma separated values), then click Export.
  4. Click Browse to find the directory where you want to save the exported file.



How do I export my address book from Outlook to Thunderbird?

CSV (Comma Separated Values) format can be used to save Thunderbird contacts.
  1. Start Thunderbird.
  2. Click the Address Book button on the toolbar or use the Tools> Address Book menu.
  3. Select the address books you want to export to Outlook.
  4. Click Tools> Export Menu to open the export dialog.

This This article describes how to back up and restore your messages, address book, email Accounts and email accounts in Outlook Express 5 and later. If several Personalities are used for Outlook Express. These steps must be repeated before Each identity and backup data is separated accordingly. It will make things easier. Restore your entire personality.
export address book in outlook express

How do I export my address book from Outlook 365?

Export contacts from Office 365
  1. Open Outlook and select Contacts.
  2. Select Export to file.
  3. Select values ​​separated by commas (DOS).
  4. Select contacts.
  5. Choose a filename and location for the contacts export file you created.
  6. In the Export to File window, click Finish.

NOTE. This step is very important if Several identities are used. .WAB file (Windows Address Book) in use Outlook Express versions 5.x and 6.0, even if multiple identities are used. Individual data for each person is stored in a folder by username WAB file used.

Exporting this data when logged in with a specific name is the only way separation of address book data. If the .wab file is disconnected from When using custom IDs, the data can only be exported as a whole, not the user Other records. Folder.

Another reason to export a WAB file to a CSV file is the WAB file If Microsoft Outlook is shared, the addresses are saved in the * .pst file Perspective. If you export the Outlook Express File menu file to * .csv file The file will export the correct contacts. When the address book is shared with You cannot export from address book to Microsoft Outlook File menu. This option is not available or available.

Where is Outlook Express address book stored?

Outlook Express contacts are saved locally on your computer as a file. WAB file (Windows Address Book).

To If you want to recover data, you may need to recover the credentials of each user first. Follow the next steps. Repeat each step as needed for each individual.

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