SQL Error Message ORA-00933

The vast majority of Oracle errors are the result of simple confusion. If you copy and paste programs, confuse program functions, or simply get distracted while you work, Oracle Database programming can lead to user errors that are attributed tovery easy to create. Fortunately, Oracle's ease of use means that these problems, such as: For example, the ORA-00933 message, are often easily resolved.

The ORA-00933 error message appears when an SQL command ends with an invalid clause. Oracle SQL statements have standard clauses that can be used together. If a statement is inserted that would normally not be under the control of a particular SQL statement, the result is an ORA-00933 error message.

Error ORA-00933 can often occur in response to an attempt to execute an INSERT statement with an ORDER BY clause. In Oracle, ORDER BY cannot be used in statements to insert items into a specific command, or with CREATE VIEW to create an ordered view. In practice, this means that before the semicolon at the end of the statement, you started with an INSERT statement and ended up on the last line with an incorrect clause, such as ORDER BY, that caused the error message. To fix this problem, just go back to the end of the clause and remove the ORDER BY clause. Make sure to go back to the line before the ORDER BY clauseand again insert the semicolon at the end of the statement.

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Another ORA-00933 error is when you try to include an ORDER BY clause in a DELETE statement. For the above reasons, you should correct the syntax of your statement by removing the ORDER BY clause. A less common version of this error occurs when a continuation line is indented in an SQL * Forms application. You need to go back to check the continuation lines and remove the wrong spacing.

You can avoid ORA-00933 errors when meeting your programming goals. Some clauses, such as the ORDER BY clause, can be recreated by placing the clause in a separate query. For example, if you try to organize your view, the message ORA-00933 appears in the CREATE VIEW statement. Instead, create a second operator that you use to query the view. This type of workaround is necessary to avoid future ORA-00933 issues. By carefully posting your suggestions and knowing when they contradict each other when placed in the same operator, you can save time and effort by being tied And receiving unnecessary error messages. Working with a trusted Oracle consulting firm can build that programming foundation and instill strong habits for your employees to interact with Oracle database software.