Best team solution for converting fat32 volume to NTFS volume

July 14, 2020 by Logan Robertson


If you have a command to convert fat32 volume on your PC to ntfs volume, I hope this guide helps you more.

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Click "Start" -> "Run", enter "cmd", then click "OK". Type "CONVERT drive letter: / FS: NTFS" at the command prompt. Convert.exe is trying to convert the partition to NTFS.




"I installed Windows 7 on my PC and want to convert one of my partitions would NTFS have the current FAT32. I try this "convert h: / fs: ntfs" to The prompt only displays a message stating that the conversion failed. HOUR: was not converted to NTFS. " What does this mean? Does this mean that conversion to Is Windows 7 unavailable or cannot this drive be converted? How can Am I finished converting? Please help. "

Have you encountered such an error while converting the file system of the FAT32 partition? NTFS? A similar error message also: Convert FAT32 volume to NTFS; Volume not available. These error messages also appear when the system is converted to NTFS on Windows XP and Windows 7.


How Not To Fix The Transition From FAT32 To NTFS?

What is Enter current volume label for Drive?

When you make certain changes to the hard drive, the message “Enter the current drive label for drive C.” may appear. This means that you must enter the correct name for the drive you want to change.

The above solution methods “Converting from FAT32 to NTFS does not work” does not result in data loss. During the process. If the section for conversion is not important Data or you move data to a safe place, you can format the partition then Create a new partition with the NTFS file system.

February 2021 Update:

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In addition, there is another option so as not to fix the conversion from FAT32 to NTFS available on Windows 7. " AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional - a powerful partition manager that makes this possible will also help you solve this problem. NTFS on FAT32 Using the converter , you can edit the file System without formatting . In disk management, the only way to convert one is The NTFS partition back to the FAT or FAT32 partition is used to format the hard drive. This software It has a user-friendly interface and a convenient assistant. The whole process will be completed on several pages. Supported Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista.

Fix "Convert FAT32 To NTFS Unavailable" Using AOMEI Partition Assistant

With the exception of the file system converter mentioned, you can convert to AOMEI GUI Partition Assistant interface directly. Next, the conversion data will be used. Partition H for example from FAT32 to NTFS.

1. Install and run the AOMEI Partition Assistant Specialist. Right-click on the section you want to convert Be sure to select Advanced> Convert to NTFS.

How do I change a fat32 file to NTFS without formatting?

Method 1. Convert FAT to NTFS without data loss [automated]
  1. Step 1: Install and run the EaseUS Partition Master on your computer.
  2. Step 2: Select the FAT32 partition, right-click on it and select "Convert to NTFS".
  3. Step 3: Click “OK” in the pop-up dialog box to continue.

2. Pay attention to the warning: if the section contains errors, correct them Failed to use chkdsk.exe / F before converting this section. If not Error, click OK.

command to convert a fat32 volume to an ntfs volume

3. Here is the virtual result. You can take a step back when problems arise. If not, Click “Apply” to start the conversion.

Tips: The new version of AOMEI Partition Assistant supports Format the partition, USB key, SD card from NTFS or FAT32 to exFAT. Learn how to format SD cards exFAT with the suggested link.

The next time you come across such a "conversion of FAT32 to NTFS is not available" Problem, hold on and fix it as soon as possible. The above software may be used as an alternative to gptgen Convert hard drive from MBR to GPT without data loss. In the picture you see AOMEI The section assistant is capable of other things. For example, with "Windows To Go Creator ", you can install Windows 10 on an external hard drive and implementedGet BYOD.



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