BIOS update troubleshooting for motherboard issues

June 21, 2020 by Anthony Mellor


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If you receive a BIOS update for the motherboard error code on your computer, you should read these troubleshooting tips. Press the window key + R to access the “RUN” command window. Then enter msinfo32 to display the system information log for your computer. The current BIOS version is listed in the BIOS Version / Date section. Now you can download the latest BIOS update and the motherboard update utility from the manufacturer’s website.

bios upgrade for motherboards


Which motherboard has best BIOS?

ASUS makes excellent motherboards with one of the best BIOS on the market, and the ROG Strix Z390-E is no exception and has everything you need for a powerful high-performance PC. They have many ports, several M. 2 slots and enough RAM slots for comfortable Minecraft.


September 2021 Update:

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PSA: enthusiasts who build their own PCs are used to keeping track of the latest drivers, especially with regard to graphics cards. Motherboard BIOS updates are also important to make the most of your hardware. However, if everything works fine after a few weeks or months, you often skip other BIOS updates, as they mainly lead to improved compatibility and are only necessary if you upgrade the equipment to a larger number. last on the same motherboard.

This happened recently in the office when one of our Ryzen systems refused to really wake up from sleep. After extensive troubleshooting, we were able to isolate the problem only when we discovered that it only started after installing the new GeForce RTX graphics card. In short, updating the BIOS to the latest firmware on our Asrock motherboard was all we needed.

In addition, BIOS updates can now be easily performed using the Windows utilities offered by most motherboard manufacturers. If you don’tWrenches or don’t remember the exact make and model, read our manual to find the make and model of your motherboard. There are ways to find this on Windows without installing software, or you can go directly to CPU-Z or Speccy, where all of your hardware is listed with some additional system information.

Asus Live Update

You can use the Asus Live Update utility to check for new firmware, drivers, and BIOS updates. Although generally a trusted application, it has recently been reported that some Live Update server systems have been hacked and compromised by malware. The latest version is safe to use and suggests using these updates, then uninstalling the utilities and not starting them when Windows starts.

Gigabyte @Bios

The @ BIOS Live Update utility works on the same principle as the other utilities listed here. Works with all Gigabyte motherboards. However, instead of a universal utility, there are variations for each main AMD and Intel chipset. This means that you must first identify the motherboard chipset in order toDownload the correct version of @ BIOS.

MSI Live Update

Using the MSI Live Update Tool, you can update the BIOS, drivers, and utilities on the motherboard. It can also check and update MSI graphics card drivers and firmware versions.

ASRock Live Update

ASRock launched the Live Update utility by adding the App Store. When you browse the supplied App Store, there is a fairly simple interface for updating the BIOS and system drivers, which is worth a try if you have an ASRock motherboard.

Biostar BIOS Update Utility

Biostar complements our list of five leading motherboard manufacturers and also offers a BIOS update utility that you can run on Windows. Thus, you can search for new versions and download and install them without much effort.



How do I update my Gigabyte motherboard BIOS?

Gigabyte BIOS Update
  1. Crush the kingdom key DEL.
  2. Go to Q-Flash. You may need to press the ALT key to access the Q-Flash shortcut in the BIOS menu.
  3. Select Update BIOS.
  4. Select the BIOS removed from your drive.
  5. Press ENTER and agree to update the BIOS.
  6. Be patient and let your computer do its job.


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