No different ways to fix bash security command found

November 23, 2020 by Christian Longman


You should read these repair guidelines if you see a bash security command not found error.

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Another major cause of the "bash command not found" error is the wrong path you are looking for. When a user enters an order, the system looks for it in all the locations he knows, and if they cannot find the order in the places they are looking for, it returns an error.



Every sysadmin has received this shell error at least once: "Bash: command not found."

bash security command not found

However, you were sure you wrote the command correctly, or installed the tool that you really wanted to run.

Why does this error occur?

The "Bash: command not found" error can occur for various reasons when executing commands in a Bash terminal.

Today we will look at various ways to fix the "command not found" error in bash.

Why Am I Getting A Command Not Found Error Message On The Command Line

The four most common reasons you might receive a command not found message on the Mac command line are:

  • The command syntax was entered incorrectly.
  • The command you are trying to run is not installed.
  • The command has been removed or, even worse, the system directory has been removed or changed
  • User $ PATH is incomplete or $ PATH was incorrectly set, reset, or deleted. This is the most common reason for the command not found message.

By nowtew, you can fix all of these issues and get what you shared back to work as planned. If you've just entered the syntax incorrectly, entering it correctly will just fix the problem. Also, let's start with the most common reason, which is that the user's $ PATH is not set correctly or has been reset in some way.

Fixed Bash Error: File: Command Not Found

Enter the following command to find out if / bin / ls is a shell script or not?
file / bin / ls
Examples of results:

 bash: file: command not found 

Try to find the file using the type / command:
$ type -a file
$ command -v file

View your Linux PATH settings with echo:
$ echo "$ PATH"

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