The best way to fix problems with antivirus response

September 30, 2020 by Logan Robertson


Hope this guide helps you if you notice antivirus response.

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If the source computer is in Cal Poly, the Campus Antivirus Gateway has already identified the computer and reported it to the appropriate support personnel for processing. In most cases, the gateway removes the infected attachment and adds a warning to the message before it is delivered. If the message was not sent by someone you know, the best way to delete it is. However, if you would like to report it, please follow these instructions:

antivirus response

If the virus is coming from outside the campus and you want to report it to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the infected computer, you should check the complete message headers. The Received: headers indicate the actual path of the message from the sending computer to its destination (read from bottom to top, from start to finish). From: sender and return path headers can be bogus and unreliable for infected messages.

When you find the complete headers, use this online header analyzer to identify your outgoing ISP. Paste the headings into the text box and click the Check Headings button. Lastof the listed IP addresses is usually the source IP address. However, the "X-Originating-IP" header must also contain the IP address of the source computer. Click the "Who is" button corresponding to that IP address to identify the provider and their contact details in case of abuse.

What is an EDR solution?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), also known as Threat Detection and Endpoint Response (ETDR), is an integrated endpoint security solution that combines continuous monitoring and real-time endpoint data collection with functionality automatic response and rule-based analysis.

If the message was sent from Cal Poly's computer, no further action should be taken. If it comes from an off-campus computer, record your ISP's contact details and abuse and learn how to report the virus to an off-campus ISP.

October 2020 Update:

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Most popular ISPs (eg Google, Earthlink, Verizon, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) direct the message, including full headers, to be "abused" for that ISP, eg misuse @ verizon .net, misuse @, [email protected], etc. B. [email protected] and Postmaster @ blah. Net. We recommend that you do not report messages from abroad unless they are sent by a reputable internet provider. If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact [email protected] .

How do you handle antivirus alerts?

Fighting computer viruses
  1. Step 1. Use a reliable anti-virus program. If your computer already has antivirus software installed but is still infected with a virus, then the software you are using is probably unreliable.
  2. Step 2: scan your computer.
  3. Step 3. Remove malware.
  4. Step 4: stop future infection.

If a computer connected to the Cal Poly network is suspected of being infected based on reports from internal and / or external sources, information technology services (ITS) immediately block the computer or user from accessing the network. The campus IT coordinator and / or individual user will be informed and the ITS will advise them on how to proceed. Once it is confirmed that the computer is virus-free and the latest operating system patches, antivirus software, and definitions are installed, ITS will restore network access. This process is required to prevent malware from spreading to other computers.



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