How can I fix xmnt2002 not found xp

July 21, 2020 by Owen Faunce


Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating that xmnt2002 cannot find xp. There may be several reasons for this error.

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This means that something is wrong with the system, for example, with a damaged file system, which is probably due to the first use of Partition Magic. The damaged file system also explains why xmnt2002 cannot find its encrypted recycle bin. Your file system may be watered.



However, Partition Magic and many other DOS tools used the AUTOEXE2 file when more than one diskette was required to use the program. Drivers for DOS, CD-Rom, SCSI, USB, etc. are loaded in PM.

The reason is that the same autoexec.bat file can be used on both diskettes. There is a line that says:

The driver download file is available on the first diskette. If you change it to a second disk, you will not want to restart the drivers, so the file and the bat file (missing) will continue to work without restarting the drivers.

File attributes and display settings between DOS and XP are slightly different. The fact that the file is visible in DOS does not necessarily mean that it is visible in XP.

Since you need to run DOS more than just run PM, it's not that hard to set up.

The only "danger" when setting it up is that you may lose the ability to boot XP. You can get stuck if you can start DOS only when restoring XP using the tool or when booting from the XP hard drive and performing a “hard boot” from the recovery console.

If you have somewhere the “bootsec.dos” file (most likely in the XP section or where “boot.ini” is), you can add a DOS boot by adding a line to start Add .ini:

You can even omit the file name because XP automatically searches for a file called bootect.dos.

The bootsect.dat file is the hexadecimal dump of the boot sector of the partition you want to load. Also called bulk boot record. This is the first 512 bytes of the partition you want to load.

The problem is that it contains section information. If a partition changes or changes, it becomes invalid and the partition does not start until a bootsec.dos update is created.

This was a very common problem when Windows 98 and XP started up twice. Users will use PM to resize the 1998 partition, and suddenly it will not start until it is fixed by creating a new Bootsec DOS file.

So it's really not that difficult, and I think the penultimate post on this previous topic might be the easiest.

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Add debug.exe to the DOS partition if it is stille does not exist. Launch DOS and follow the instructions that I gave to create the bootsec.dos file.

This has no effect on starting XP, but it’s still a good idea to get ready and find a way to restore XP to start just in case.

xmnt2002 not found xp



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