Solve the problem where the theme is in Outlook 2013 on PC


Sometimes your system may display a message indicating where the subject line is in Outlook 2013. There may be several reasons why this error occurs.

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In the Current Display area, click the Display Settings icon. In the “Advanced Display Settings” pop-up window, click “Other Settings” and select “Allow Editing in Cell”. You can then change the subject line in an open email, or as a list without having to open the email.

where is the subject line in outlook 2013


Why can't I edit the subject line in Outlook email?

Just go to the lower right corner of the message header, where you will see a small “down arrow” - click on it to expand the header. The title status remains, so you only need to do this once. Once you're done, you can edit the subject line.


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How To Change The Subject Of Outlook 2013-2016 Email Messages

For those who want / need to change the subject line of the received e-mail, either because the sender left the subject line empty, or just to better organize messages, the process is to change the subject area simply, but not obvious to everyone .

To change the subject of an received email, you must first open the message. When the message is open, the message header should be in expanded form, which is controlled by a very small arrow in the lower right corner in the message subject field.

If the email header is not expanded, the arrow is at the bottom position where the TO email address is not displayed

To change the subject line, click the arrow that extends the message header. At this point, the arrow is displayed in the up position.

The message header setting is retained until it is changed again. In other words, this should be done only once until you no longer want to expand the headers with messaging.

Some people who migrated to Outlook 2013 asked if they could change the subject lines of the emails they received in their inboxes. This helps them store, search, or organize the emails they receive. The answer is yes. How it works. In new installations of Outlook 2013, the conversation view is often set as the default inbox view.

Since I recommend having a lightweight Inbox and NOT use the Inbox as another to-do list, I am not a fan of viewing the conversation in the Inbox. In your Inbox, you make a 4D decision for new emails and you can get started as soon as possible.

Change The Look Of The Conversation In Your Outlook Inbox

In the Inbox, click the Display tab to open the Display ribbon, and clear the Display in Conversations check box in the Messages area.

Activate The Processing Of Outlook Email Themes Received In The Inbox

Click the Display Settings icon in the Current Display area. In the popup “Advanced display options”, click “Other options” and select “Allow editing in cell”. You can then change the subject line in the open email, as well as in the list view, without having to open the email.

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The first method allows you to set up a quick step that allows you to create a new email message and automatically fill in the subject line with the specified text. Please proceed as follows:

Important notice. Although you can change the subject line and save a new subject line, Outlook defaults to displays messages grouped by topic. To display the newly changed subject line in the message list, you must create, modify, or customize the view.

By default, the subject field is automatically activated in Microsoft Outlook. However, in some cases it will be hidden if not all columns are displayed in the layout of incoming messages or if it is disabled. The Subject field contains a header for incoming or outgoing messages and is usually displayed at the top of your messages. Topic lines can be useful for filtering messages. Changing the settings in the Microsoft Outlook view activates the missing subject field.

A spam filter will most likely catch it, but it can be difficult to determine if it is at the end. Do they receive other messages from you - does this only affect these transmissions?

Do you have a phone number in your signature? Try to remove it. Or try sending a redirect without a signature. (If you do not use a signature, this obviously does not apply.)

Annoying to receive an important email with an irrelevant or missing subject. Of course you canYou can organize your emails so that later it is easier to find them, but nothing is better than a useful subject line when viewing search results. Outlook has a little-known feature that allows you to change the subject line of the email you receive, leaving it in the past.

The ability to edit subject lines is part of the folder display settings. To access it, go to View> Show Settings.

You can also open this window by right-clicking on the folder header and selecting the Show Options command.

If you now click on the subject line, you can change it, and then click the Back button to save the changes. You cannot edit fields such as From, To, or Receive (these are parts of the email header), but you will never encounter a lot of blank subject lines in your email. archive.

To disable this feature, simply go back to Advanced display options> Other options and clear the “Allow meshed cells” checkbox.

How The Theme Is Displayed Is Above / Below The Sender On The Mailing List In Outlook?

Typically, the compact appearance of the email folder in Microsoft Outlook shows the sender and subject of each email in the correct order. However, senders and topics are sometimes displayed in a different order, for example B. a topic is displayed above the sender. See the screenshot below. Here I will show you how to display topics above or below senders on the mailing list in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1. Go to the mail view and open the mail folder in which subject lines are displayed below or above senders.

Step 4. In the "Advanced Display Settings: Compact" dialog box, click the "Columns" button (or fields in Outlook 2007).

To display the subject lines below the senders in the mailing list, first click to highlight the item, then press the down button and move the item below the senders, then click OK

If you want to display topic lines above senders in the mailing list, first click to highlight the item, then click the Up button and move the item up. sender , then click OK.

Step 6. Click OK to close the Advanced Display Settings: Compact dialog box.
Note. By default, subject lines are in the list of e-mail messages in a compact view under the "Senders" heading.

If you want to display subject lines under senders, you can simply click the Reset View button on the View tab in Outlook 2010 and 2013. Note that this method also deletes all custom display settings. in the mail folder. Click here to learn more about vision restoration



How do I change the subject line in an email?

Click the button to the left of the To field, then click Change Theme. Gmail shows an email template with an editable subject field. Change it to what you want. You can add the word “DO NOT SUBSCRIBE”, delete “Fwd:” from the redirected email, or write a new topic.

How do I change the subject line in Outlook 365?

Office 365 (Outlook 2016, 2019, Internet) - change the subject line of a message
  1. Double click to open the message.
  2. Select a topic and start typing.
  3. After editing, click Save in the upper left corner of the message box and close the message.
  4. Your new topic is displayed in the reading area.


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