Easy Troubleshooting VGA Safe Mode

July 31, 2020 by Kevin Carvajal


Recently, some of our readers reported that they have stumbled upon VGA-Safe mode.

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Using Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a Windows XP feature that allows you to run Windows with a minimum of drivers. Safe Mode is used when you cannot start Windows normally. You can use Safe Mode to troubleshoot your system. It basically does Windows up and running, but that's about it. The most important features of Windows XP do not work in Safe Mode.

How do I enable VGA mode in Windows 10?

Why should you use Safe Mode? Let's take a look at an example. Let's say you have installed a new graphics card and card driver. When you restart Windows XP, it starts, but before your workingtable, a blue screen "Fatal Exception" appears. You try it over and over and you get the same result. Most likely, the video card driver will not work as expected in Windows XP. When you start your computer in Safe Mode, Windows loads the basic VGA driver for use with the card. After starting your computer, you can use Device Manager to remove or update the faulty driver.

A number of other recovery tools require you to run in Safe Mode. Before you see how to boot in Safe Mode, there are several other boot options that you can choose from in Safe Mode. You can access all of these options using the Windows Start Menu. If you press the CTRL key while turning on the computer, you will see this. (If holding down the CTRL key does not work, press F8 while starting the computer.) The boot menu appears, allowing you to select Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, and other options. If your computer starts up in Safe Mode, you can go to Toolsand try to fix the problem. When you're done, just restart your computer and it will boot normally. The following safe mode options are available:

vga safe mode



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