How to troubleshoot a motorcycle without sparks

September 13, 2020 by Logan Robertson


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If you're having trouble getting an ignition error code to troubleshoot a motorcycle, today's article is written to help you. Spark leakage is caused by something that keeps the coil voltage from flowing through the electrode gap at the end of the spark plug. This includes worn, dirty, or damaged spark plugs, faulty spark plug wires, or a cracked distributor cap.



No Spark! What's The Matter?

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If you enjoy riding a motorcycle, chances are you will sooner or later run into a situation without a spark. This article focuses on visual observation with a multimeter or lamp tester and the correct removal process to determine why your motorcycle's spark plugs are not turning on correctly.

1) The easiest way to get started is to remove one of the motorcycle spark plugs and reconnect the spark plug wire. Make sure the metal base of the plug is properly grounded by holding the ceramic insulator. Then have someone flip the ignition switch or starter while looking at the grounding electrode of the connector. If you see a blue or yellow spark bridge filling the gap, you must have enough fire to ignite the air / fuel mixture in that cylinder. Otherwise:

2) Make sure the motorcycle is turned on. Sounds simple, but ignition switches can fail. In addition, on many newer road bike models, the motorcycle anti-theft system must bebut skip the juice, otherwise the engine will not start. This prevents a would-be thief from bypassing the switch and "hot-wiring." P>

3) When you have determined that the switch is powered by the coil, use a multimeter or lamp tester to check that the current flowing from the coil reaches the spark plug cap. With the tester installed, you should get on and off values ​​for each revolution of the engine when someone tries to start the engine. If so, replace the faulty spark plug with a new one and repeat step 1. If you are not receiving AC power, you may need to replace the spark plug wire or cap.

Can a bad CDI cause no spark?

Sometimes a bad CDI doesn't work at all. If the CDI is about to fail, it could result in misfiring, starting problems, erratic performance, or even engine stalling. Hence, the only way to determine if there is a problem with your CDI is to make sure everything else is in good shape.

4) NOTE. On older motorcycles, it may also be necessary to check the current flowing from both sides of the engine and condenser points. If the multimeter is left on duringThe start name in step 3, the contact points will not close properly. If you turn off the tester in step 3, the dots may remain closed or the capacitor may close. In any case, it is better to replace the faulty parts of the ignition system.

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troubleshooting motorcycle no spark



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