How to fix folder sync in Outlook?

October 25, 2020 by Logan Robertson


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Here are some simple methods that you can use to fix folder sync problem in Outlook. Sync folders is a generic term for when Outlook sends and receives messages and when (if your email account type supports it) changes are uploaded to the email server. Under certain circumstances, this process can freeze and significantly slow down your computer.



CodeTwo FolderSync Add-in is an Outlook add-in that you can use to synchronize data between Outlook folders. The synchronization process occurs only between the selected folders, and the user can select multiple pairs of folders to synchronize.

Note that you can download a trial version of CodeTwo Exchange Sync here if you have an Exchange Server in your organization and want to sync its folders (from any mailbox) for automatic transfer. The administrator controls all sync tasks. The application can synchronize data between selected folders in real time and is completely transparent to the end user. All changes made to a folder are instantly and automatically copied to folders selected by the administrator.

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What Are Sync Folders For?

Synchronization folders usually contain messages informing you of problems synchronizing email in Outlook with email on the mail server (or vice versa). This usually happens when you have been working Offline mode and Outlook was unable to connect to the mail server or encountered a connection problem.

How do I synchronize Outlook folders?

Sync folders again
  1. In the list of folders, click the folder you want to sync.
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Send / Receive and then click This Folder (Microsoft Exchange Server) to sync the offline folder, or click Send / Receive All to sync all offline folders.

Each folder contains emails on a specific issue:

  • Synchronization issues: Outlook regularly syncs in the background with your mail server. For this reason, you can send an email from Outlook on your computer and still see the message in the Sent Items folder when checking Outlook on the O365 online portal. The Synchronization Problems folder contains synchronization logs. Therefore, all common problems or delays in synchronization with the mail server are recorded here.
  • Conflicts: If Outlook cannot sync with your mail server, you may have different copies of the same email. This often happens when you use Outlook in multiple locations, such as your office. B. on your laptop at home and on your phone when you are on the go. The Conflicts folder contains multiple copies, and you can choose which ones to keep. If you've edited an item (such as an email message, task, or calendar event) on yourOn my phone and it doesn't show up in Outlook, it's probably here.
  • Local Errors: If Outlook cannot send anything to the mail server, it will be flagged as an error and a copy will be placed in the Local Errors folder. This could be an email, a task update, a calendar reply, or something else synchronized with the mail server. Outlook will keep trying to sync. The fact that something is in that folder doesn't mean it didn't end up successfully being sent to the server - it's just that Outlook had problems sending for a while.
  • Server Error: Â This is the back side of the Local Errors folder. If local folders contain items that Outlook cannot synchronize with the mail server, server crashes contain items that Outlook cannot synchronize with the mail server. Items for local errors are always visible, but items for server errors are only visible if you have an active connection to the mail server (since these are messages from the server). Server error messages are much less common, so this folderoften does not appear in the Empty Mailbox> Folder Sizes window. For example, the account we use to show you how to do this runs through Outlook. For more than three years, there has never been a single message in the Server Errors folder.

Method 1: - Prevent Syncing Outlook Folders

synchronizing folders in outlook

There is a small step to take with this method. This will cause Outlook to stop syncing folders.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Open mail folder
  3. Right click each email.
  4. Select Properties and press Enter.
  5. Clear the Automatically generate Microsoft Exchange views check box.

Note. - After completing the above process, successfully disable the mail folder sync feature in Outlook. However, you will still receive a short sync message.

Method 2: - Disable Outlook Folder Sync Feature

Microsoft Outlook also allows users to turn off the automatic synchronization of Outlook folders. Step by step instructions:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and download the complete files one step .
  • On the menu bar, find the Tools tab and click Options.
  • Now click the Mail Setup tab to open the Send and Receive options.
  • Clear the Send immediately after login check box.
  • Now click the Send / Receive button and turn off the Start Auto Send / Receive on Exit option.
  • Finally, click OK to apply the updated settings.

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How do I fix synchronization error in Outlook?

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Right-click the folder and select Properties.
  2. Click Remove Offline Items, and then click OK.
  3. On the Outlook 2010 ribbon, click the Send / Receive tab.
  4. Click Update Folder.



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