Spyware 2011 Troubleshooting

July 19, 2020 by Kevin Carvajal


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I hope this guide helps you if you notice 2011 spyware.

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    The FBI is one of the customers who bought the hacking software from the Italian private spy agency Hacking Team, which itself is a victim of a recent hacking. It has long been suspected that the FBI used the tools of a hacker team. With yesterday's release of internal documents, invoices, emails, and even source code for the company's product, we now have the first concrete evidence that this is so.

    The FBI is not in good company here. According to several tables in the pirate archive, which contains a list of clients of the hacker team, many other governments that purchased the same software are repressive regimes such as Sudan and Bahrain. Documents show that the FBI first acquired RCS in 2011. RCS stands for Remote Control Service, also known as Galileo, the company's first spyware product. hacking team.

    spyware software 2011

    RCS is a simple hacker software used by the Ethiopian regime to target Washington journalists. He isIt was already discovered during the attack on the Moroccan media company and a human rights activist from the United Arab Emirates.

    After the target computer is infected, RCS can receive data and listen to messages before they are encrypted. According to researchers from the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto who controlled the use of RCS around the world, the tool can also “record Skype calls, emails, instant messages and passwords entered into a web browser. “To top it off, RCS can also activate the webcam and target microphone.

    According to the hacked tables, since 2011, the hacker team has earned 697,710 euros (773,226.64 US dollars) from the FBI. In 2015, the FBI spent $ 59,855 on “service” and in 2014, the agency spent the same on “licenses / updates.” For the entire 2013, expenses were not recorded.

    However, in 2012, the FBI spent 310,000 euros on the services of a hacker group, all on licenses or updates, and 268,000 euros the previous year.

    Despite the cost of controversial surveillance technology, the FBI seems to be using hacker softwarecommands only as a “backup” for other tools, according to an internal email.

    As Forbes noted, the head of communications at the hacker group Eric Rabe wrote in an email leak: “The FBI unit using our system looks like a pretty small operation, and it has RCS as a kind of backup acquired for another system that they use. "

    The last column in one of the pirate tables is called “Exploit”. The record for the FBI is "Yes." Although what exactly this means is unclear, we can conclude that the FBI version of RCS contained a skill that could give users access to computers, rather than be provided by social engineering tools.

    In any case, we know that the FBI hacked into the computers of criminals in the past. In fact, the agency has been using malware for all types of criminal cases since at least 2002, and the FBI is developing some of its own tools. Operation Torpedo was launched in 2012, during which malware was uploaded to several porn Graphic sites of affiliates and IP addresses of all visitors were identified. A similar process was launched shortly afterwards to catch users of Freedom Hosting, a dark web hosting company.

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    These were large-scale attacks aimed at the destruction of as many criminals as possible. Hacker team tools, on the other hand, are used to more accurately monitor specific people or groups. According to hacked tables, the FBI used RCS against 35 targets, although it is not known who these targets are.

    An interesting aspect of the picture is that the hacker team obviously did not sell these products directly to the FBI. Although the FBI is listed as a client, its “partner / executive body” is listed as “CICOM USA”.

    This name is known. Earlier this year, an investigation into the Motherboard revealed that the drug administration secretly acquired surveillance technology from a hacker team. Under the terms of the contract, the motherboard transferred $ 2.4 million "between the DEA Investigation Authority and a government contractor named Cicom USA."

    In the account fafile name "Commessa019.2014. CICOM USA x FBI.xls ”, which is also included in the archives of the hacker team, lists the“ extension of the control system for one year to the distance ”, which will be put up for Cicom USA. The invoice indicates that the product is valid from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. The invoice file name explicitly contains the FBI, not the DEA. However, the checklist shows that the FBI is actually supported by the DEA and DOD in acquiring products from a hacker team that also uses Cicom USA as a “treatment tool.”

    Do I need anti spyware?

    Therefore, you definitely need anti-spyware programs as they are geared towards tracking this type of cookies and the like. while antiviruses mainly focus on viruses; Anti-Malware focuses on removing malware. No program can do this. Is ByteFence Anti-Malware Safe?

    Cicom USA is nothing more than a shell company for a hacker team. “You have the same address and the same phone number,” said Edin Omanovich, a technology engineer at Privacy International, in a telephone interview with WIRED.

    What is an example of spyware?

    Some of the more famous examples of spyware are: CoolWebSearch - This program uses vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer to hack the browser, change the settings, and send the browser data to its author.

    The precautions that can be taken to ensure that the FBI (or the US government agency) use this technology responsibly are a bit unclear.

    “We think that they receive court orders, and we even saw a few, but the applications do not really describe how the software works or how it is transmitted to “The device”, according to Christopher Soghoyan, senior technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, WIRED announced in an encrypted chat.

    The problem is that the discussion about law enforcement, which uses piracy as a means of collecting information, has never been public.

    "Congress never gave law enforcement the right to crack. And there has never been a hearing in Congress on this issue, ”Sogoyan said.

    “We need a national debate about whether law enforcement should hack target computers. It is too dangerous to use on your own. "



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