How to fix sorting contacts by category in Outlook


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You may encounter an error stating that contacts in Outlook are sorted by category. Now you can take a number of steps to solve this problem, and we will discuss them shortly.

  1. Click on people.
  2. Click Home, and then click List in the Current View group.
  3. Scroll right in your contact list to see the Categories column.
  4. Click the Categories column heading to sort the list by color.

sorting contacts by category in outlook


How do I filter by color categories in Outlook?

On the “Outlook Home Page” tab, go to the “Tags” section (this is the fifth section on the right) and click “Categorize”. In the pop-up window, go to the bottom of the list and click "All Categories". A field called Color Categories appears. Click on the New box on the right.


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Sorting Outlook contacts is a simple task: just display them in the list and click one of the column headers. To sort by category, click the Category column heading. To sort by name, click the Full Name column heading.

You do the first sort as usual by clicking on the column heading. Then do a second sort by holding down the Shift key while clicking on the header of another column.

For example, to sort contacts by category and then by name, first click the Category column heading, hold down the Shift key, and then click the Full Name column heading.

With this Shift-Click method, you can sort up to four columns. You can also use the same method to sort your letters.

Search For Contacts Without A Phone Or Email

Sometimes I find it useful to sort contacts on my list that don’t have a phone number or email address. To do this, I click on the Professional phone, then on Shift + click on the landline phone, Shift + click on Soto The first phone and Shift + click on E-mail. Thus, I immediately see all contacts that have no information in any of these areas.

Please note that you may need to check the fields, such as E-mail 2, Work phone 2, Assistant phone, etc. if you want to make sure that you do not have a phone number or email for a specific person. This can be done by double-clicking the contact and studying its details, or adding these columns to the list and sorting them by these fields. To add a column to the list view:

[Note: these instructions apply to Outlook 2010. The process is similar to Outlook 2007 and, if I remember correctly, Outlook 2003.]

Combining Sorting And Categories

Due to the restriction of sorting to 4 columns, I usually sort by the first four columns, and then classify all the matching contacts when I need to sort by additional columns. Then I can do a simple sort in the category column and use the Shift click method to add deeper levels.

Suppose I want to find all contacts without an email address, emailmail 2 or email 3, work phone, mobile phone or home. I can sort by 6 levels like this:

IN ARCHIVE: How Can I Classify My Contacts And Send Emails In Microsoft Outlook? Use Categories?

If you want to send emails or arrange meetings with people from your company Contact list without using your personal or personal address book You can use mailing lists in category functions Perspective. To do this, you must first classify the necessary contacts in a specific group. After classification, you can send an email to this category.

Note: contact inputs do not have standard parameters Category. Hence the individual contacts that you do not have A categorized is displayed with "no" when displayed by category.

If you want to reach an unusually large group of people Send an email or, if you want to protect their privacy, you can do it You want to create an email list using the mailing listcalling interface. See Create a mailing list for the user interface list

How To Search Contacts By Category In Outlook?

You can quickly find contacts in a specific category in Outlook. But how to find contacts with more than one category at a time? How about finding contacts with certain categories, but without them? What if you search for all contacts except those in a certain category? In this article, I will present the solutions individually in detail.

If you want to search for contacts with a specific category, contacts with any category or contacts without categories, you have the following options:
Step 1. Switch to the "People" (or "Contacts") view and open the folder in which you want to search for contacts.

Note: In Outlook 2007, click the Extend Query Builder button to display the query builder. Then, in the query builder, click Add Criteria> Categories.

Step 3. On the "Search" tab (or in the "Categories" field of the query generator in Outlook 2007), click the "By Categories" button, and then specify the appropriateth parameter in the drop-down list:

In the meantime, sometimes you have to look for contacts with two or more categories. For example, if you want to search for contacts for the categories Red and Purple, you have the following options:

Step 3. On the Search tab, click Category> Red Category, then click Category> Purple Category again.

Note: This method does not work in Outlook 2007. However, you can enter a category: = "Orange Category" + "Purple Category" in the search field directly in Outlook 20007/2010/2013. You can change the Orange and Purple category as you wish. See the screenshot below:

Suppose you are looking for contacts marked as a red category, but not as a purple category. How do you deal with this? To do this, enter the following search criteria in the search field:

In some cases, you just remember that the contacts you’ve searched are not marked as a specific category. Now you can search for contacts by entering the following search criteria in the search field:

I'm trying to sort my contacts a little more efficiently, but mea little confused which one is the best.

Tip: If you have assigned contacts for different color categories, you can click the column heading Categories in this way.

It is not possible to sort by the Categories property because it is a multi-valued field. The difficulty is sorting categories like

If the table view is all right, you can use the "Categories" view to display contacts grouped by categories, and the groups of categories are displayed in alphabetical order. However, the Address Cards view does not support grouping.

If you need to print contacts sorted by category, you need to perform mail merge in Microsoft Word. You can combine Outlook data into a table with the "Categories" field in one column, and format the rest of the data in the second column so that they look like Outlook address cards. Thus, you can sort the table in the “Categories” column, then delete this column and print only the second column with the card entries. If you only haveone category for each item, this approach should work well.




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