Best Way to Fix Samsung S3 Not Registered with Virgin Network

November 11, 2020 by Logan Oppen


Here are some easy steps to help you fix Samsung S3 not registered with Network Virgin problem.

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Part 1. Causes of the "Not registered on the network" problem

If your Android does not recognize the SIM card in its slot, you will face the "Not registered on the network" problem. If the device cannot find the SIM card, the service provider cannot connect to the IMEI and therefore cannot connect the phone.



Samsung Galaxy is not registered to the network. An error occurred while trying to call or send a text message. Your current service provider will not be notified of your IMEI number and you will see this error on the Not Registered On Network pop-up screen. Don't worry, we've fixed this issue and all Android not logged in problems are gone.

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What If My Phone Says Not Registered In Network?

You may find yourself in a situation where after unlocking your phone you will see the message Not registered in the network.

An unregistered network error occurs when trying to call or send a text message.

Your current service provider has not yet received your IMEI notification. As a result, you will see this error in the "Network not registered" pop-up window.

Don't worry, this issue has happened before and any problems with Android devices that are not registered to the network will no longer occur if you try anyth of the following 6 methods:

Solutions For Samsung Galaxy Not Registered In The Network And There Are No Problems With Servicing The SIM Card

Method 1

The first method is for old software updates that may contain errors related to the SIM card.

Sometimes users are using very old Android Touchwiz firmware. To fix this problem, you need to update Android to the latest version available for your phone.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Go to the app drawer and click the Settings icon to open the settings menu.
  3. From there go to the "System" section and click "About Phone".
  4. There are many options, but you need to upgrade to a software update.
  5. Click "Update Now" and download and install the latest version.

Method 2

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Samsung Galaxy devices offer excellent development support. Users can install many custom ROMs. These devices have a common issue where EFS and IMEI files get corrupted and baseband version shows Unknown. This is due to the fact that allThe EFS mobile service is damaged. Read this guide to learn how to back up and restore your EFS partition and IMEI folder. This fixes unregistered on the network and fixes maintenance errors on Galaxy devices.

Method 3

Most Samsung Galaxy devices require a micro SIM instead of the standard SIM used in older phones. If you had an old SIM, you had to cut it out to fit in your phone. There are special tools that cellular operators use to cut a SIM card. If you tried to cut the card yourself, chances are good that you damaged it by accidentally touching the gold coin and pins.

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Here are some solutions to troubleshoot Do NotRegistered Online and No Service on Galaxy devices. These devices have different problems. In our section here you will find all Galaxy problems, bugs and issues.

samsung s3 not registered on network virgin



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How do I fix mobile network not available?

How to fix Mobile Unavailable error on Android phones
  1. Open Settings, then tap Wireless & Networks.
  2. Select one or more cellular networks.
  3. Tap Network Operator.
  4. Select Automatic.

Why is my SIM card not showing up?

In most cases, restarting or turning off and then turning on the phone can fix the problem with the unrecognized SIM card. When you restart your Android phone, it restarts both the operating system and the programs stored on your device. If your phone software doesn't recognize your SIM card, this is one of the quickest solutions.






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