Solution to remove Windows Live icon from taskbar

July 19, 2020 by Logan Oppen


Sometimes, your computer may tell you that the Windows Live icon needs to be removed from the taskbar. There may be several reasons for this error.

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To temporarily hide the toolbar, click the blue and white help icon, then click Hide Windows Live Toolbar. You can right-click the area to the right of the Internet Explorer search bar and select the Windows Live toolbar to display it again in the future.



Windows Live Mail is a powerful yet simple program from Microsoft for managing email, calendars, feeds, contacts, and newsgroups. Windows Vista works flawlessly and offers almost all the features you would expect and expect. However, if you try to use it on Windows 7, only the "Minimize to taskbar" option will be missing. Let's fix this.

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Of course, with the new taskbar in Windows 7, you don't need more storage space than before. However, if you have been using Live Mail for a long period of time, it makes sense to remove it from the taskbar when not in use.

Windows Vista had a context menu option to minimize Live Mail on the taskbar, but in Windows 7 Microsoft just forgot about it.

We can work around this problem by tricking Live Mail into believing that Windows Vista is running instead of 7. Here's how it works.

How To Minimize Windows Live Mail To Taskbar For Windows 7

1. Right-click the Windows Live Mail icon on the taskbar. Right click on the small Windows Live Mail icon in the menu, then choosethose "Select Properties." *

* Note: Live Mail must be open or pinned to the taskbar so that the icon appears on the taskbar.

How do I remove Windows Store from taskbar?

Fortunately, this is incredibly simple because you can remove the store from the taskbar by simply right-clicking on it and selecting “Remove from taskbar”. To get bonus points, you can also remove the Microsoft Store from the Start menu by right-clicking it and selecting "Exit from startup".

2. In the properties window, click the Compatibility tab. Here, select the Run this program in compatibility mode check box and select Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) from the drop-down menu below. Once you have selected it, click OK.

How do I remove an icon from my desktop without deleting it?

Open File Explorer if the icon is a real folder and you want to remove the icon from the desktop without deleting it. While holding down the Windows key on the keyboard, press the X key.

4. Start the Live Mail backup. Now, the Hide window appears in the context menu of the icon on the taskbar when the minimized option is displayed. If you enable this option, the program will no longer appear on the taskbar when minimized. Instead, it is only available on the taskbar.

You can use this quick tip for other applications that behave like Windows Live Mail. If you have any questions, write a note on the forum.

remove windows live icon from taskbar



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