How to fix PS3 file system recovery


Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating that the PS3 is recovering the file system. There may be several reasons for this problem.

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ps3 restoring file system


How do you fix a corrupted file on ps3?

You can use safe mode on the PlayStation 3 to delete corrupted data from your hard drive. In the Safe Mode menu, select option 3, Restore File System. If the problem persists, select option 4, rebuild the database. (3) File System Restore: The PlayStation 3 system attempts to recover all areas of the hard drive where files can be saved.


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I recently cleaned out my old PS3 and used it for a while to make sure everything worked while I was selling it. Everything was in very good condition, so I deleted some things from the game data utility and saved the game data to free up space (but sometimes ps3 freezes temporarily (for a while, but not for long, but it seems like one at a time) the gel is done)) so the lace it was not as I imagined. Then I turned it off, and when it came out, this beep was heard. This is a triple beep. I know that sound, I thought. Something went wrong. I turned it on again, and after waiting a while, the message "The file system is damaged, click OK to restore the settings." I clicked OK, and everything went well until it reached 40%, where it slowed down and stopped at 44%.

I do not know what happened, but I always waited for the continuation. No. It will stop automatically and the [triple beep] will turn on again, then will say “damaged file system, click OK to restore the settings”. Oh, I thought about it again. What's going on here. I clicked OK again, and everything went well, until again It did not reach 40%, and then it slowed down and stopped at the level of 44%. He went slowly and reached 45%, but then was arrested again. The triple beep was turned off .. then turned on again and repeated the same thing. Then I just turned it off using the power button on the PS3 itself. What happened to the PS3? Can i fix this? My ps3 is a slim version if that helps. Thanks in advance



How long does restoring default settings on ps3 take?

In the system and recovery menu there is an option to "restore" PS3. There is a quick and complete recovery. It is known that a full recovery takes a very long time (about 24 hours). This will completely erase the hard drive.


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