Outlook 2007 timeout error How to remove


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An error may occur that indicates a timeout error for Outlook 2007. In this case, there are several steps that you can take to resolve this issue. We will come back to this soon. I get the message "Your IMAP server has closed the connection." You can avoid the timeout error message “Your IMAP server has closed the connection. This can happen if you leave the connection idle for too long ”by changing the setting.

outlook 2007 timeout error


Why is my outlook timing out?

A timeout error means that the server takes too much time to send a request made by the device. This error occurs if you have already set the duration and the server cannot respond to the request. After the set time, Outlook displays a timeout error.


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This help blog was written to fix one of the most common Outlook errors - “MS Outlook timeout errors”. Discussion or topics included will be the nature of this error; Possible causes and most popular users, some manual solutions to fix this error.

Outlook errors always bother the user, and they feel helpless, not having enough knowledge about the possible solutions that they can try. The Outlook error that we are going to discuss is displayed as follows:

This error indicates that a transmit / receive error exists and that the operation completed has expired. It is also recommended that you contact your server administrator or provider for assistance in receiving messages.

This error often occurs in almost all versions of MS Outlook from 2007 to 2019. If a user tries to receive email in the Outlook client with the send / receive option, this error is displayed even after several attempts. Therefore, messages are not accepted.

We will mention some tips that the user canuse to immediately try to get out of this situation and receive your emails.

1. Check your internet connection
Sometimes, due to urgency or rush, the user forgot to check if the system is correctly connected to the Internet.

This user can mainly verify. If the Internet is disconnected, connect and try to receive email messages again using the Send / Receive option.

2. Configure antivirus correctly
The antivirus scanner may be configured incorrectly or may interfere with the connection between the Outlook mail client and its server.

Check the configuration of the antivirus or firewall, and you can remove the antivirus that seriously affects the synchronization process. Turn off the firewall and check in Outlook whether emails are received or not.

3. Extend Server Expiration Area
One of the reasons for this error may be that the timeout range specified for the server is insufficient to complete the process or operation.

User can create a new Outloo profilek and set it as the default profile, and then try to access your email using the send / receive command.

Use the Mail option in Control Panel to create a new Outlook profile. Then go to the View Profile option and use the Add option to add a new profile with details. After creating, you can set it by default with the specified option.

5. Restore Makeup File
If this business has gone far, me. H. None of the above solutions worked, maybe the Outlook PST file needs to be fixed.

Microsoft Outlook has a free tool for recovering incoming messages ScanPST.exe, which can only recover PST files up to 2 GB in size. All you have to do is view and add the PST file to this size for recovery, then click the Start button to start the PST recovery process. After restoring your .pst file, you can try to run the send / receive function again in Outlook and check the differences.

Although this is a manual solution to rebuild PST is possible and free, it is not very reliable due to its limitations, such as size limits, restoring files that are not badly damaged, without any options for filtering, the likelihood of data loss, etc.

Auto Repair PST
At this stage, the user needs a solution that is worth buying and that offers immediate repair with complete accuracy. We recommend users who are looking for high-quality PST recovery, the perfect and advanced Outlook PST recovery tool. It supports PST files of any size with any degree of damage, so it helps to fix almost all the errors and problems associated with Outlook. The software is one of its types that solves complex problems with PST and corrects them using advanced scanning modes. It supports all versions of Outlook, including the latest version of Outlook 2019. Try this tool through the demo version available on the website.

Outlook Error Correction 0x8004210a - “Outlook Saves Time” Using Different Methods

You cannot sendSend or receive emails in Outlook? It displays an error code “0x8004210a”, which indicates that the operation has expired and is awaiting a response from the receiving (pop-up) Outlook 2010 server. If you answer “yes”, you can be sure that you have completed it after the following methods are described here. Your Outlook timeout error has been fixed. Outlook error 0x8004210a occurs when a user tries to send or receive email using his Outlook account. This error can be very problematic if it is not fixed with the highest priority.

When Does Outlook 0x8004210a Error Occur?

Outlook error 0x8004210a is the same for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. This error occurs when Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to your mail server. There are many reasons why Outlook cannot connect to the mail server. Here we have listed the possible causes that can lead to Outlook timeout errors.

How Can I Fix An Outlook Timeout Error?

Before proceeding to Outlook, error 0x8004210a error correction methods. Let's get a clear viewLearn about Outlook timeout settings. Outlook uses a predefined time to complete the process of sending / receiving email. Whenever an email with attachments cannot be sent within a certain period of time, an error message is displayed.

Here we mentioned various ways to fix Outlook error 0x8004210a. Do not proceed to the next method until the previous method has given effect. Send a test letter for review.

Emails can block the receipt of new emails. Clearing your outgoing mail can also be useful when removing an Outlook error.

An error may occur in Outlook. Restore your Outlook by clicking "Uninstall a program" on the control panel. A new screen will appear. Go to Microsoft Office and click "Change." In the next window, select Repair and continue.

Professional Solution

If, after all the above methods have been completed, the Outlook error 0x8004210a still persists, you need to upgrade to the advanced solution. Only automated and professionalSion software can repair and recover badly damaged PST file. Download the SysTools Outlook Recovery Utility and repair the damaged .pst files. The software restores and restores the PST file, and Outlook delay is also resolved.


Here we discussed several ways to fix the Outlook error 0x8004210a, which can send and receive emails if the user is working correctly. Badly damaged .pst files are a common cause of this Outlook timeout error, so the user can easily trust the mentioned software because it is known to maintain data integrity.



How do I fix IMAP server connection closed?

How it works in Outlook 2010:
  1. Click File on the top ribbon.
  2. In the drop-down list, click "Account Settings", then click "Account Settings."
  3. Select the account you want to change, then click the Change button.
  4. Click the Advanced Settings button.
  5. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
  6. In the "Server timeouts" section, drag it to the right (10 minutes).


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