How do I manage a process that ends with an invalid log file? Just fix it


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This user guide shows some possible causes that could damage a process that was canceled by the error log file. After that, you can try to solve this problem. If the Exchange server stops unexpectedly, several transaction log files associated with the Exchange database may be corrupted. When you try to deploy such an Exchange database (.edb) file, the deployment process sometimes fails and you receive the "JET_errLogFileCorrupt" error message.

operation terminated with error log file is corrupt



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An internal processing error has occurred. Restart Exchange System Manager or the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, or both. Check the application log for events related to this error. The description fields for these events contain specific error codes and may contain links to troubleshooting articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
Identification Number: C1041724 - Exchange System Manager

Source: ESE
Event ID: 465
Type: error and description: < br> information storage (5216) : during the recovery of software, a damage was detected in the log file C: \ Programs \ Exchsrvr \ mdbdata \ E00.log. An incorrect checksum record is in the END position. Data that does not match the log file fill pattern was first displayed in sector 1165 (0x0000048D). This log file has been corrupted and cannot be used.

Source: ESE
Code withroutines: 455
Type: error and description:
information storage (5216) : error -1811 occurred while opening the log file C: \ Program \ Exchsrvr \ mdbdata \ E0000000.log.

ERROR: corrupted protocol (cannot be used). Last post: (0x4d68,458,16C). Error -501.
The process ended with error -501 (JET_errLogFileCorrupt, the log file is corrupted) after 1.0 seconds.

The next step was to backup all the databases and log files and run eseutil in recovery mode eseutil / p. ( This is a destructive method, so be careful! )

eseutil / p succeeded, and the database returned to a state of pure confrontation. The mailbox store was mounted successfully after deleting the old log files.

When using Microsoft Exchange Server, a crisis can sometimes occur when Exchange mailbox stores belonging to a specific storage group cannot be connected. Typically, this problem occurs after the bank’s abnormal termination Data that stops your database.

An Exchange database in an abnormal shutdown state may indicate corruption of the Exchange database files. H. ".EDB" and ".STM". If Exchange does not complete correctly, after running the Eseutil / k command, the following error may appear in your database:

'File: priv1.STM
ERROR: the database was not stopped correctly (incorrect stop)
The operation failed with error -550 (JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown, the database was not stopped properly. First you need to perform a restore to populate the database correctly "

To work around this problem, you must stop the storage service and save everything (edb, stm files and logs) to another hard drive. You must make sure that you have enough free space. Now follow these steps to return your database to a Clean Disconnect state:

If you cannot restore the Exchange database before being forced to use the steps above, use the Stellar Repair for Exchange application. This software repairs damageExchange weekly database for recovering data from damaged or inaccessible mailbox stores. It quickly scans the entire database and extracts all recoverable items from various user mailboxes, such as emails, appointments, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks, and journal entries.

The Exchange Database Recovery Tool offers a simple three-step procedure for recovering damaged MS Exchange databases. Using the software, you can first select an Exchange database from a known location or search for Exchange (.edb) files on a specific volume on your system. The program then performs an in-depth search in your database to display all recoverable Exchange objects in the main interface. Finally, all recovered Exchange data is saved in a new database file at the location specified by the user on the system.

Stellar Exchange Recovery Solution provides accurate and accurate recovery of damaged EDB file components for MS Exchange versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 5.5.

If possible, back up or copy the database before changing it! Transaction log files are required for the database. These are not just information files that you can delete!

If there is not enough hard disk space that contains the log files for your Exchange database, the log file may be corrupted. Should I try software recovery with eseutil / r and the path to your E0? .Log file (in my case E02.log), an error message is displayed regarding header information and size difference. E0? The .Log file is the current transaction log file that Exchange wrote to when there was not enough disk space. This file is now corrupted, and transactions in the file that were not applied to the database will be lost. All other old log files are in hexadecimal order, for example B. E0? 00E475A.log, etc. You can check which log files the database needs for software recovery by reading the header information for this database as follows:

An abundance of returned information inYou will see a line that indicates the status of the database. This is a dirty stop. (If this is a clean shutdown, you do not need to perform a recovery.) The report contains the Required protocol line, which displays the necessary files.

In my case, databases require the E020002E75B.log and later files in E020002E780.log (this is a HEX sequence). Old logs can be moved to another hard drive if you need to free up space. Be careful not to delete, sorting these files in Explorer is not easy. You cannot do this by name due to hexadecimal order and by date / time, it is not reliable. Check the hard drive or simply expand it and leave all the log files unchanged.

To perform the recovery, we need to move the damaged E02.log file to a folder or another hard drive. After the damaged file has been deleted and you are 100% sure that all other necessary log files (see the section above) are available, we can perform software recovery with the / a option to ignore them. Nolog files and re-locking the database to clear the state.

/ r - gentle recovery
/ a ignore missing log file
E02 - the base name of the log files, it depends on the database, maybe E01, E02, E03 ...
/ l represents the location of the log files (where E02.log and other E02xxxx.log files are located)
/ s - location of system files (where E02.chk is located)
/ d represents the location of the database files (where DB-MBX2.edb is located)

The database is now clean. As before, you can check again with eseutil / mh and see the status as a clean shutdown.

If you want to quickly clean up the log files that are no longer needed, make the backup compatible with Exchange. If you don’t have one and understand the consequences, you can enable circular logging in the database.




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