Will NFS Distributed File System be recovered?

July 23, 2020 by Christian Longman


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There are many ways to access a distributed file system. For us, the most popular way is through native clients - be it Linux, Mac or Windows.

nfs distributed file system

NFS might be the answer for you. The easiest way to use it is to create a server / gateway. This solution has obvious disadvantages (lack of high availability, performance, poor scalability).

February 2021 Update:

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Each block server has an NFS server through which clients can use the NFS protocol to connect to the LizardFS cluster and read / write files. Now you can use LizardFS to create a ready-to-use NAS. It doesn't matter which system you are working on. As long as NFS is supported, you can allocate up to 1 exabyte of storage from the LizardFS cluster on your computer.

If you're so demanding, you don't mind negotiating a support contract with us, not only for assurance, but for a truly affordable solution.

The story gets more interesting here. LizardFS now not only supports NFS 4.0, but also offers parallel read and write over a parallel networkfile system (pNFS). You also get high availability as a bonus. Additional additions don't end there. With NFS4.x support, you can use Kerberos authentication for clients.

Why NFS is used?

We will be testing various virtualization solutions and see how they work with them. The obvious differences should be seen in solutions that may already use pNFS, such as:

Although NFS seems to be one of the most popular protocols, different solutions support different versions of it. This has certain consequences. For example, NFS 3 lacks direct ACL support. No parallelism in this version also has a significant performance impact.

While a unified environment sounds great in terms of communication protocols, you must first analyze which operating systems are running on your infrastructure before making your final decision.

Fortunately, we have the option to use other protocols such as SMB, or if it is acceptable to install additional software on the client computer On a computer, choose native clients.

What is NFS and how it works?

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