How to delete lost messages in Outlook Express after compressing the problem?


In the past few days, some of our readers have discovered an error code with lost emails in Outlook Express after compression. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will deal with them now.

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  1. Verify that Outlook Express is not working.
  2. Open the recycle bin on your Windows desktop.
  3. Find ".
  4. Click ".
  5. Select the Restore option from the menu.
  6. Locate the file in Windows Explorer and open the folder in which it is located.
  7. Drag ".
  8. In the Outlook Express storage folder, click “.

lost email in outlook express after compacting



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Hello, forum participants - I appreciate everything you share so generously - this is really wonderful ...

I ran into a problem similar to ginky4 Virtual PC Specialist !!! described in a previous post ...

Then they said: “I solved the problem. Here is what I did. I opened Outlook Express and went to Tools, Options, Maintenance. Then I clicked on the “Save Folder” tab, which gave me the directory. then I copied and pasted this directory into the “Run” command window, then clicked “OK”, which led me to a series of DBX and .Bak Outlook Express files.

You should now close Outlook Express. I went to the inbox.dbx file and renamed it to inbox.dbx. Then I took the inbox.bak file and renamed it to The inbox.bak file was dated yesterday when everything worked. You can then close this directory as soon as you make these changes. Then I restarted Outlook Express and all my missing emails returned.

Thus, you will restore your mailbox after backup. You can also do this for the Sent and Deleted folders. "

I could not find the bak files. but was able to find .dbx files and rename them as it wassuggested. I reopened Outlook Express 6 and all my sent and received files disappeared ...

I had problems with XP - mainly because I couldn't load anything at all - and I also lost the ability to send or receive something in Outlook Express with an attachment. The emails stored there are extremely critical of the legal issue [harassment / threat logs and threats of ongoing harassment] - please, if someone can help me, I will be indexed forever!

However, the problem is much worse now. Since I can’t see all the contents of my Outlook Express folders [sent and received] - after compression: it didn’t take about 1 year to display. [This content criticized the evidence in my records / tracking logs.]

After trying to solve the ginky4 problem and renaming the files to: mailboxold.dbx and sentold.dbx, and I could not find the suitable bak files, I tried to follow these instructions: Microsoft Community - “Outlook Express”. 6 years ago from my emails. They seem to have disappeared. This was after they asked me if I want to squeezeTo (or archive?) My emails. Outlook Express 6 was only worth my emails a year ago. They seemed to disappear after being asked if I wanted to compress my emails. I hope I can access them? Thank! »

Bruce Hagen replied: Please read this in full. Contains recovery information from the recycle bin. The two most common reasons for what you are describing are pauses in the compression process (do not touch anything until it ends) or overpriced recordings. More details below.

Why does OE insist on compressing files when I close them ?: Http://
Why mail disappears:

Recovery methods: if you are using XP / SP3, you should have a backup of your DBX files in the trash (or possibly in the message store) that were copied as Bak files. To restore the Bak folder to the message store folder, first find the location of the message store. Tools | Options | Interview | The location of your Outlook Express files is indicated in papk storage. Write down the location and browse to it in Windows Explorer, or copy and paste it into Start | enema. In WinXP, DBX files are marked as hidden by default. To view these files in Explorer, click Start | Show hidden files and folders activate Control Panel | Folder Options | Show.

Close OE, then in Windows Explorer, click the DBX file for the missing or empty folder and drag it to the desktop. You can delete it later, after you successfully restore the Bak file. Reduce message memory.

Open OE and, if there is no folder, create a folder with * the same * name as the Bak file that you want to restore, but without .bak. Example: if the file is Saved.bak, the new folder should be saved. Open a new folder and close OE. If the folder exists but is empty, continue to the next step.

First check if there is already a Bak file in the message store. If so, and you deleted the DBX file, rename it to DBX. If it does not already exist in the message store, open the recycle bin, right-click the Bak file for this folder and click Recallto become. Open the message store and change the file extension from .bak to .dbx. Close the message store and open OE. Messages should now return to the folder. If the messages were recovered successfully, you can delete the old DBX file that you moved to the desktop. If you don’t have Bak copies of your DBX files in the recycle bin, DBXpress, working in eject mode from disk, is the best way to recover messages: By default. aspx And look:

I managed to do the following: Close OE, then click on the DBX file for the missing or empty folder and drag it to the desktop. However, the files are still on the desktop. I cannot restore them to Outlook Express or drag them to the message store.

I can’t install: DBXpress works in the "Eject from disk" mode - because XP does not allow me to download anything for several weeks - this includes Microsoft updates and the problem of sending and receiving basic Outlook Express attachments.

Anything you can advise will be greatly appreciated - I strongly suspect thatIt started when I was asked, and then decided to install a three-day trial version of AVG, which was offered and launched to help set up the PC. , Install and perform maintenance - as soon as the trial version came to the conclusion that I have problems with the inability to download anything on XP.




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