The easiest way to troubleshoot Lexmark e250d paper jams

October 06, 2020 by Logan Oppen


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If you have a Lexmark e250d to clear paper jams on your computer, this blog post might help.



Detailed Lexmark E250DN Troubleshooting Instructions

Step 1: To troubleshoot Lexmark e250dn, you must enable operator features on the control panel. These lights indicate different printer states depending on the command. For example, when the toner level is low, the Toner Low and Continue indicators will remain lit, and similarly, the indicator type and status are different for each condition.

Step 2: Resetting the printer settings is a common step to resolve almost all printer problems. Turn off the Lexmark printer first, if it is on. Leave the front cover of the printer open. Press the FEED button on the control panel while turning on the printer. Do not release the Next button until all the lights are on.

Step 3. Close the front cover and press the cancel button. Click the Next button again. The control panel toggles all indicators. You should see the Load Paper, Toner Low / Replace PC Kit, Ready and Continue lights blinking. Now release the Next button. Turn on the printer to continue troubleshootingTroubleshooting Lexmark e250dn Printer Problems

Step 4. Sometimes the paper may curl as it exits the printer. Make sure to load the recommended paper. Try positioning the paper at a 180 degree angle. If you want to print multiple pages, try duplex printing. Make sure the printer is in a less humid location.

Step 5. If you have activated the Low Toner Sequence, you can extend the life of the toner cartridge. You can use the Reduce Curvature option in the Setup menu to work around this problem. Open the front door after turning off the power. Press and hold the Next option while turning on the printer.

Why does my Epson printer keep saying paper jam?

Typically, in most cases, this problem is caused by a dirty or stuck sensor indicator in the printer. Locate the jammed touch lever in the printer in the paper path. The paper sensor light is usually located near the paper inlet and where the paper exits the printer.

Step 6. When the indicator on the control panel changes, release the Next button. Close the front door and hold the Next button again until the lights go out. Release the Next button. The printer formats and prints the page. Follow the instructions on the printed page to solve the problem.

Why does my Lexmark printer keep jamming?

Dirty or worn feed rollers in the paper trays are the cause of most paper jams. Error code 24x (where x can be any number) usually accompanies input overload. If jams occur frequently, follow the instructions below to clean the pick rollers. Turn off the printer and remove all paper trays.

Step 7. If the print quality is not satisfactory, lower the front door and removecartridge using the supplied pen. Locate the printhead lens on top of the printer and gently wipe the lens with a clean cloth. Install the cartridge assembly into the printer and close the front door. If the problem persists, try a different Lexmark e250dn to troubleshoot your print media.

Step 8. If the “Continue”, “Ready”, “Toner Low” / “Replace PC Kit” error light is on during printing, this means that the printer memory is enabled. the printer is full. Click the Next button and continue printing your document. To cancel a print job, press and immediately release the Cancel button.

lexmark e250d troubleshooting paper jam

Step 9. Try restarting the printer by pressing and holding the Cancel button for a few seconds. Simplify the print job so the error doesn't recur in the future. Simplify images, graphics, or text. You can also add a memory card to add more memory to your printer.

Step 10: If the problem occurs due to a missing / defective toner cartridge, the PC-Kit indicators are Toner Low / Replace PC, paper jams and errors will continue Wait. Press and immediately release the Forward button to clear the lighting sequence. Turn off the printer, remove the toner cartridge, shake it several times, and reinsert the cartridge. Reinstall the toner cartridge and turn on the printer. If, after following all the troubleshooting steps for the Lexmark e250dn, the problem persists, contact a service center.

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