The best way to get rid of how to recover an overwritten file in Windows 8


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Below are a few easy-to-use methods that you can use to solve the problem of recovering overwritten files in Windows 8.

  1. Right-click the file and select Properties.
  2. Click the "Previous Version" tab.
  3. Select the latest version and click “Restore” to restore the replaced files.

how to recover an overwritten file in windows 8


How do I restore files on Windows 8?

Restoring File History Files in Windows 8.1
  1. On the home screen, click restore.
  2. To view other versions of the backup, click the left arrow at the bottom of the window.
  3. If you know the location of the file you want to restore, you can open it by double-clicking or double-clicking.
  4. Click the Restore button.


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I came across many cases when users asked if they could recover their lost and overwritten data in Windows. Once you find out about data loss, you should stop and seek help from a specialist. We will see how to recover overwritten files in Windows. In most cases, such cases happen to new users, because experts or experienced people know about rewriting and avoid it after data loss. First, I want to shed light on overwritten files.

As the name implies, something is written on existing data, which leads to the deletion of previous data. If for any reason the user loses data from the system and continues to work on the hard disk after loss, this can lead to irreparable data loss. If you work on the same hard drive after data loss, new data is written to the space of previously lost or deleted data.

Recovering lost data or files is easy and very possible. However, after crushing, the chances of recovery are very small. However, someThe data are so important that they deserve at least attempts.

Windows has a backup and restore function that can be used to restore overwritten files. If the above method does not work for you, try.

So this is another way to recover overwritten files. I hope one of these methods works for you and you recover your precious data. If you want to try again, you can use a third-party tool.

Kernel Data Recovery Tool for Windows is an effective data recovery tool that recovers lost files or data from Windows. The tool is able to recover lost, deleted, formatted, inaccessible or damaged data, as well as recover and restore bad sectors in Windows in just a few simple steps. The tool has three recovery modes, i.e. H. Quick scan, deep scan and file tracking based on the severity of damage and other customer requirements.

There are many other benefits and using this tool. Let's see how it works and how to restore a partition using this tool.

Thus, it is also easy to restore a Windows partition using the kernel data recovery tool for Windows. If you follow all these steps, you can easily recover deleted files from the selected system partition. The tool also contains operating instructions to help users better understand the tool.

In this blog, we explained what overwritten files are and that in most cases they cannot be recovered. Lost files can only be restored if no changes have been made after the loss. After the changes are made, the chances of recovery are slim. We discussed some manual methods that you can use to recover overwritten data. We also talked about Windows data recovery kernels for recovering and recovering files from damaged drives, permanently deleted data, inaccessible data, etc.



How do you recover a file replaced by another file with the same name?

How did I get the replaced file
  1. Because Windows saves the previous version of files, overwritten files can be restored.
  2. Right-click, select Properties and go to the Previous Versions tab.
  3. A list of available previous versions of the file appears on the screen. Select the one you want and save it.


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