How do I allow access to files?

November 24, 2020 by Brayden Callaghan


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Here are some simple techniques that you can use to solve a file access denied issue. The simplest solution to try when you see the "Access to this folder is denied" message is to upload the folder through File Explorer. First, right-click the desired folder or file and select Properties. In the window that appears, go to the Security tab. We are interested in the Advanced button. Click here.




files access denied



Part 1. Reason For Access Denied Error

Before fixing this problem, you must find out why this error is beneficial to you.

  • The ownership of the folder has changed.
  • You do not have the required permissions.
  • The file is encrypted.
  • The file is damaged.
  • Bad sectors on the disk.
  • We can correct the error due to the factors listed above.

    Fix-1 Make Sure The Encrypted Folder Is Not Secure -

    Make sure the data in the folder is encrypted.

    1. Right-click the problematic file / folder and select "Properties" to open its properties.

    2. In the properties window, go to the "General" tab.

    3. Now click on "Advanced" at the bottom of the window.

    4. In the "Advanced Attributes" window, make sure the last option "Encrypt content to save data" is disabled on your computer.

    5. Click OK to save your changes.

    6. Finally, click "Apply" and "OK" in the properties window to save the changes to your computer.

    Try to access the file again. If there is a problem, go to the next fix.

    Fix-2 Take Ownership Of The File -

    Taking ownership of the file will probably help you fix this problem.

    1. Navigate to the file location in File Explorer.

    2. Then right-click the file and select Properties.

    3. In the Properties window, go to the Security tab and click Advanced Options to open it.

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    4. In the Advanced Security Settings window, click Change next to Owner:.

    5. In the Select Users or Groups window, click Advanced.

    6. Click the Find Now tab and find your administrator account in the list of groups and users.

    7. Select your account name from the list of users and accounts and click OK.

    8. You will see the name of the selected account in the "Enter the object name to select:" section.

    9. If you are sure, click OK to save the changes to your computer.

    9. Activate the "Change owner of subcontainers and objects" option in the advanced sharing settings window

    10. Additionally, activate the option "Replace all authorization records of a subordinate object with inherited authorization records from this object" at the bottom of the window.

    11. Finally, click "Apply" and "OK" to save the changes to your computer.

    Now you (your chosenaccount) have full control over the file / folder. You can easily change the folder.

    Fix-3 Give Your Account Full Control Over Your Files -

    If you change the folder permissions, you will have full control over the problematic folder.

    1. First, right-click the file and select Properties.

    2. In the Image Properties window, click the Security tab.

    3. Then click "Change" to change the properties of your computer.

    4. Now select a username from the list of groups or usernames:

    5. Select the "Allow" checkbox.



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    How do I fix folder access denied permission?

    Remedy: You need permission to perform this action.
    1. Click on the window at the same time.
    2. In the Run box, type msconfig and press Enter to open the System Configuration Utility.
    3. On the Boot tab, enable Secure Boot and click OK.
    4. In the next window, click "Restart".
    5. In Windows Safe Mode, try deleting the folder / file.

    What causes Access Denied?

    Access denied error. This particular error is usually caused by NTFS permissions, but it can also be caused by other issues such as a corrupted user profile, file encryption, or file usage.

    What is access denied error?

    You may not have the required permissions to access the file. To stop receiving this message, you must have folder and file permissions. You need to start with the Audible folder and then repeat the steps for each file / folder in the Audible folder.






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