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July 10, 2020 by Charles Avitia


I hope this post helps you if you see spyware without fighting.

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CounterSpy 2.0 has a well-designed interface and good real-time protection, but we tested the beta version. Results showed low disinfection values.
CounterSpy 2.0 has a well-designed user interface and good real-time protection. However, the beta version we tested gave poor disinfection results.
The question is when, and whether adware and spyware will get onto your computer. That's why you need a good anti-spyware program, and several companies specialize in this area.

We tested three paid products (two in beta) and two popular free products. Our table lists the names and versions of packages with links to full reviews, test reports, and vendor or download websites.

To evaluate each program, we examined price, functionality, usability and performance. We commissioned the German research company to evaluate the ability of each product to updateArrange and sanitize 20 adware and spyware apps. also compared applications with nine rootkits, programs that can be used to silently install and use malware. Analysts tested the ability of products to provide real-time protection when exposed to threats and their tendency to incorrectly diagnose harmless files.

Webroot Software’s beta version of Spy Sweeper 5.0 was our best buy. He received the highest marks in our detection and disinfection tests and offers protection against rootkits and phishing sites. This includes amenities such as the choice between a quick system scan that takes precedence over other jobs and a slower but less intrusive scan.

Spyware Doctor 3.8 took second place overall in terms of performance. He fought better with active rootkits, and his analysis interface provides results that are easy to read, understand, and process.

CounterSpy 2.0 beta is not working properly. This perennial candidate has reliability Its malware detection and real-time protection, but it had problems with the treatment.

Of the two free programs, Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06 performed better and ranked fourth in performance. However, since the application does not offer real-time protection, this is a good choice for a second opinion, but not by much.

The popular Spybot did the worst. As one of the first anti-spyware programs, it was built in the notorious basement of the house. It has detailed and detailed settings, but these days it simply cannot compete with other options here.

Spyware, Adware, And Rootkits

Spy Sweeper 5.0, our best seller and best performer, classifies and provides detailed information about potential spyware and adware .
Spy Sweeper 5.0, our best purchase and our best product, classifies and provides detailed information about potential spyware and adware.
Spy Sweeper and Spyware Doctor took first place in detecting primAdvertising and active spyware programmers have reached 90% of our test suite. CounterSpy and Spybot reached the end with 80%. By detecting a collection of inactive adware and spyware (applications that remain on your PC until they are activated), Ad-Aware was in first place with 69% of 837 samples. At the other end, Spybot captured only 2% of the samples.

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Three out of five applications - CounterSpy, Spy Sweeper and Spyware Doctor - are designed to deal with an increasing category of malware called rootkits. Spyware Doctor recognized nine active rootkits, and Spy Sweeper four. CounterSpy could take only two. Free tools have not caught a single one. All five programs detected one or two inactive rootkits, regardless of their rootkit functions. According to, a standard scan based on application code can detect inactive rootkits, but they need special procedures to search for active ones.

Malware detection is one thing. Thoroughly cleaning your system is another. We tested the ability of these products to delete files and registry changes caused by ten adware and ten spyware.their programs.

How much does spyware cost?

So, you can see that some spyware blockers cost about $ 10 and work quite well, while those that cost about $ 30-40 can potentially get more spyware, malware and other viruses.

Spyware disinfection has proven to be a daunting task: to avoid security programs, spyware authors are constantly changing the behavior of their malware. In our spyware disinfection tests, Spy Sweeper and Spyware Doctor were the first to cure 65% of the files. Spybot was the last and cured only 20% of the files. (Our spreadsheet combines adware and spyware disinfection results.)

Evaluating adware disinfection is more complex as a change in behavior can lead spyware to change their policies. Take the free version of HotBar, an ad-supported toolbar for Internet Explorer. Webroot classifies HotBar as adware. However, PC Tools no longer sanitizes it and therefore does not sanitize it, as our tests confirm.

fighter free software spyware

Overall, Spyware Doctor best cleaned the adware and cured 50% of the files and registry entries. Spybot and Ad-Aware took second place and sanitized 45% of the samples. CounterSpy ranked fifth with a disinfection rate of 35%. According to Sunbelt Software, CounterSpy’s low score is associated withta-status program.

Does Norton have anti spyware?

Norton is a world leader in the fight against all types of malware, including spyware. In addition to Norton's fantastic anti-spyware features, it also includes some of the best features of any antivirus software on the market. Norton 360 comes with: comprehensive malware scanning and removal.

The free version of Ad-Aware does not provide real-time protection "Ad-Watch.
The free version of Ad-Aware does not have real-time protection for Ad-Watch.
All products are protected from adware and spyware in real time, except for Ad-Aware; This protection is available in the Lavasoft $ 27 Ad-Aware SE Plus ad monitoring function. Spy Sweeper and CounterSpy detected all changes to the HKCU and HKLM runtime keys (registry keys designed for many malware threats), the Windows startup and location file, Internet Explorer startup and search pages. Spyware Doctor skipped some changes to the hosts file and IE search page. Spybot was unable to catch changes at startup. You can find more detailed information on tests in our table.

Additional Tools

Spyware Doctor 3.8 detected 287 disturbing infections on our PC, most of which were low-risk tracking and advertising cookies
Spyware Doctor 3.8detected 287 alarming infections on our PC, most of which were low-risk tracking and advertising cookies.
Spyware Doctor offers the best selection of fully loaded features with scheduled and customizable file scanning options. Allows you to set a system restore point in case you accidentally deleted important files. It is also the only product that can be analyzed in some instant messaging clients. Spyware Doctor also protects you by preventing access to known malicious websites.

The second, most feature-rich program, Spy Sweeper, greatly enhances phishing protection by scanning suspicious websites on the fly. In version 5.0, Webroot removed the ability of Spy Sweeper to set a system restore point and instead relies on the application quarantine recovery functions (where you decide to remove questionable files from the analysis results). Spy Sweeper also adds Windows Explorer to the context menu for quick analysis of files and folders.

CounterSpy does not have a scan utility It is anti-phishing and anti-phishing, but it has system recovery features and four data protection tools that we have not tested for this story: My PC Explorer, My PC Review, History Cleaner and more secure Eraser.

Give Advice

Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.4 is free and has advanced settings, but does not have too many other programs in our performance tests.
Spybot-Search & Destroy 1.4 is free and has deep settings, but it has not been compiled. Other programs of our performance tests.
Five products were easy to use, but CounterSpy, Spy Sweeper, and Spyware Doctor were the best at identifying, explaining, and explaining potential malware. I preferred Spyware Doctor's color bars and detailed threat classification levels. Collapsible flags indicate the exact names and paths of suspicious files and registry entries. When a threat name is highlighted, its description and recommendations for action are displayed.

One review: Spyware Doctor counted 287 "infections" associated with the doctor, but the vast majority of them are attributed to neitherlow-level advertising and tracking cookies. Although it took me only a few seconds to realize that most of them were not dangerous, an increasing number accelerated my pulse during the scan.

Do you need anti spyware?

Therefore, you definitely need anti-spyware programs, as they focus on this type of tracking and other cookies. while antiviruses are mainly focused on viruses; Anti-Malware focuses on malware removal. No program can do much.

CounterSpy also has a good threat classification, explanation and coding system.



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