How to enable email export to Outlook Express



In the past few weeks, some of our readers have seen exporting emails to Outlook Express.

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export emails in outlook express


How do I transfer emails from Outlook Express to Windows 10?

First, open Outlook Express and choose File> Export Email> Email Messages \ u2026. Then select Microsoft Exchange as the format, confirm the message that appears, and select the folder to which you want to export.


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Note. Copying Outlook Express information to a shared folder is not enough. You must copy the folder to the computer where Outlook is installed.

B. I am replacing an old computer with a new Dell desktop. Windows XP runs on the old, and Windows 7 runs on the new. Whenever I try to export my emails from Outlook Express, I get the following message: “The export could not be completed. An error occurred during initialization of the MAPI. “I am looking for a small direction and would be happy for any information that you could give me.

A. Outlook Express can only export emails to a limited extent. The only possible export is to export existing emails and contacts to the full version of Outlook, which is installed on the same PC.

That's why you see the error you see. Outlook Express looks for Outlook to export messages, but simply cannot find them. This is not surprising since many computer users did not select Outlook if Outlook Express is already installed and is free.

The easiest way is to find the e-mail files on the computer you are leaving, then copy them to a USB drive or burn them to a CD to transfer them to a new computer. To find Outlook Express mail files, open Outlook Express, click "Tools", click "Options" and select the "Maintenance" tab. Click Save Folder in this window and you will see where the files are located on your hard drive. You can simply select the path to the file and paste it into the Run command to open the folder.

As soon as you open the folder, files with the .DBX extensions will appear. Copy these files to the drive you want to use in order to move them to a new computer.

After connecting the reader with your mail files to the new PC, you can import messages using the import function of your mail program.

Please note that Windows 7 does not have an email program installed. You must download it before doing anything. Outlook Express is no longer available. So if you want free mail The program you need to consider is Windows Live Mail, which is Microsoft's replacement for Outlook Express.


This article is about exporting Outlook Express messages, so you can can get them in another program. It's not * how to get around Your Outlook Express messages to another folder or computer.

To continue using Outlook Express, I wanted to make sure of it myself In the future, I could distribute my messages if I had to. I am wanted a massive operation to export messages in non-binary format. The Export feature in Outlook Express was useless to me.

I tried to search the Internet and found custom export programs. However, I was never happy to use them as a series of them. In fact, I could not export all or even some of the messages that I had.

Note: I saw that Outlook does not add attachments for messages Imported from Outlook Express. The moral is not to blindly trust software do what you think is necessary - check - even if someone otherwise, it has already been verified.

Context Of My Decision

First attempts -

I always felt that OE knew the format best, so I should do it if possible Try exporting in any form.

I set up my own mail server (Mecury by David Harris is free software and seems to be very nice) especially forward mail to your mail server on the local computer and from there to another client. Well, I knew that. You can forward multiple messages in a single letter in Outlook Express. Then I realized that I can just save the redirected letter! Moron! So I Delete the mail server again and pay attention to the procedure documented in the next section, “Saving Messages on the Switch” Format ".

Late discoveries

As soon as everything worked, and the site proved that others Same problem. I came across some information. the prospects Express drag can be used for mass export!

It turns out that everything is very simple. Select a series of messages, drag and drop Put them folder on the desktop or in a folder in Windows Searcher. They are automatically exported as * .eml files. The theme is used as the file name and where there are duplicates, A counter is inserted in the name.

Test to make sure all your emails have been exported correct. For instance. Count them, check attachments and make sure they are your files The computer can read and is not damaged, etc.

Drag and drop can also be used to “import”. Extract the eml file Windows Explorer and in the folder Outlook and voila, there it is.

Well, my procedures are not completely out of date. My export process offers a different file naming system. If you want to learn something REBOL You can change this naming system as you wish. Also, It may be useful to save a series of letters in a single EML file Archiving Tip.

Saving Messages In The “standard” Format


Outlook should export messages in a standard format. Since he knows how to create standard emails, this is our format.

Before you begin

Back up your Outlook Express files. If you do not plan to delete messages, this step may not be necessary. However, it is better to be careful.

Other actions

If you have many messages, it is recommended that you select only message groups. For example, you can sort Outlook by date or by sender, then simply select specific news areas.

5) Is the Next button displayed (not grayed out)? Otherwise, proceed as follows. Most likely, this is due to the fact that you clicked on the message, and then chose "Select All." Click instead message, then select "Edit" -> "Select All". The Next button should appear again.

6) Click on the “Submit” button. Here is the trick. All messages you select will be attached. This is a newly created post. Enter all the details of the message describing the attached emails.

7) Now about the second part of the tooltip. Choose File -> Save As and Save your message (which contains your messages as attachments) to a file of your choiceYour backup directory. You should now have a message file with the extension .eml.

Well, I hope you have successfully exported Outlook Express emails to the standard format - this is just one email.

Notes on this procedure

Extract Your Messages From Forwarded Emails

As already mentioned, I use REBOL for this. REBOL is available for various operating modes. Systems. This way you can extract messages to your Linux system as easily as possible. Windows system.

If you do not know REBOL

I created a graphical program REBOL / View for people who do not know REBOL I want an easy way to run an export program without programming. my REBOL / View is a visual way to select a message file and export it completely. Messages in the directory.

REBOL / View is 497K at the time of writing. Therefore, downloading takes only five minutes, even if you have a 28k modem.

1) you have a backup your origin



Where are Outlook Express emails stored?

Outlook Express saves emails to a file. DBX file It is located in .. C: \\ Documents and settings \\ Users \\ Local settings \\ Application data \\ Persons \\ {long number} \\ Microsoft \\ Outlook Express.

How do I export contacts from Outlook Express?

How to move contacts from Outlook Express to another email program?
  1. From the main menu of Outlook Express, choose File> Export> Other Address Book.
  2. Select a text file (comma separated values), then click Export.
  3. Click Browse to find the directory where you want to save the exported file.


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