Easily troubleshoot Excel 2007 vba applications or object-specific errors

July 13, 2020 by Kevin Carvajal


If you get the error message “Excel 2007 VBA application is defined” or “Object is defined”, today's “How” was created to help you.

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This message is displayed if the error generated using the increment method or the error operator does not match the error defined in Visual Basic for Applications. That way, it could be the error you identified, or the error defined by the object, including host applications such as Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, etc.



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Runtime error VBA 1004 can be caused by many reasons. In this article I will show you different situations and how to deal with them.

VBA Code Refers To A Non-existent Zone

What is object required error in VBA?

Such an error in VBA coding is an “object required”. If the data type of the object is assigned and this object does not exist in the worksheet or workbook that we are referring to, the VBA "Object required" error message is displayed.

This code usually occurs when VBA code refers to a non-existent cell or region. For example, this code is correct.

The first row returned error 1004 because Excel only contains 16,384 columns and the last column is XFD. In the second case, we do not have the myRange area. In this case, the application also returns an error. After creating the range, the error does not appear.

excel 2007 vba application defined or object defined error

You really have to be careful when using loops, especially for columns. You can leave the index without realizing it.

You Are Trying To Enter A Value That Is Not A Range

The following code leads to an error because the program cannot recognize the values ​​of the Range property as a range.

Explicitly Select A Spreadsheet

Check out this code. Here you have selected the active sheet. However, activating another sheet may result in an error.

You Are Using Protected Mode

Error 1004 may also appear, If your spreadsheet is in secure mode. Disabling protection can fix this error.

Macro Recorded At The Spreadsheet Level

Sometimes this error occurs when recording a macro at the spreadsheet level. You must create a module and enter the code there. To do this, go to VBE (Alt + F11) and right-click on the module icon. Insert a new module and enter your code there.



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