Steps to remove error number 424 in QTP release

November 24, 2020 by Owen Faunce


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If you have qtp error number 424 on your system, hopefully this blog post will help you. The name of the object used in the script does not match the name of the object in the image. Rename the object in the picture to match the object name in the VBA script. An object name mismatch between the image and its script is the cause of the '424' run-time error.



The first line of code, Option Explicit means (in simple terms) that all your variables must be explicitly declared with Dim statements. They can be of any type, including an object, an integer, a string, or even a variant.

This line: Dim envFrmwrkPath As Range declares a variable envFrmwrkPath of type Range . This means that you can only specify one zone.

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This line: Set envFrmwrkPath = ActiveSheet.Range ("D6"). Value tries to set a variable of type Range to a specific value in cell D6 . For example, it can be an integer or a string (depending on what you have in that cell), but it is not a range.

I am assuming you want to store the value in a variable. Try this:

  Dim MyVariableName As Integer
MyVariableName = ActiveSheet.Range ("D6"). value

This assumes you have a number (for example, 5) in cell D6. Now your variable has a value.

error number 424 in qtp

For simplicity, you can remove or comment out the Option Explicit line and VBA will try to determine the type of the variable at runtime.

Try to get through this part th code

  Dim envFrmwrkPath As String
Reduce the size of the app name as a string
Dim TestIterationName As String

The Error Is Caused By Excel Not Having Access To The Data Code Specified In The Code. It Can Be A Reference To A Variable, Class, Or Library.

The "Runtime Error 424 (Object Required)" error is caused by Excel not being able to access the "object" specified in your VBA code. :

Runtime error 424 was caused by errors in the specified objects.

"Objects" are objects of a variable, file, spreadsheet, class, or module.

The error was caused by a function call on a link that you misspelled or did not declare.

The solution is to make sure all the correct links are declared in your code. The easiest way to solve the problem:

  • Find the wrong line of code (if unchecked, use debug mode)
  • Determine if you have referenced anyabout objects that are not declared.
  • Check the functions that might be causing the error and make sure they are being called correctly (using the correct syntax).
  • Remove as much code as possible to get the application running again, then add the lines one by one (this will isolate the error and allow for troubleshooting).


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What is Run Time Error 424?

The "Runtime Error 424 (Object Required)" is caused by Excel being unable to access the "object" specified in your VBA code: Runtime error 424 is caused by errors in referenced objects. "Objects" are anything that comes from a variable, file, spreadsheet, class, or module.

How do you fix an object required error in VBA?

A required object means that the reference to the object's data type must be exact. If the explicit word "option" is not checked in the encoding, the error "object required" will be displayed for variable words with errors. When Explicit is checked, the Undefined Variable error is displayed for misspelled variable words.

How do I fix application defined or object defined error?

Sometimes this error can occur when recording a macro at the worksheet level. You must create a module and enter the code there. To do this, go to VBE (Alt + F11) and right click on the module symbol. Insert a new module and enter your code here.






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