Need to fix Windows Media Player 11 to play DVD codec


Here are a few simple methods that can help solve the problem of the Windows Media Player 11 DVD codec.

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What formats does Windows Media Player play?
File Type (Format) file name extension
Intel Indeo Video Technology .ivf
Audio Exchange File Format (AIFF) .aif, .aifc and .aiff
Windows Media Audio and Video Files .asf, .asx, .wax, .wm, .wma, .wmd, .wmv, .wvx, .wmp and .wmx
Windows Audio and Video Files .avi and .wav

dvd playback codec windows media player 11


How do I get a codec for Windows Media Player?

How to install a new codec in Windows Media Player
  1. 1Double the video or audio file.
  2. 2Press the web help button.
  3. 3Click the WMPlugins link.
  4. 4Click the link to the codec download site.
  5. 5Click, I accept.
  6. 6Click on the link to download the codec.
  7. 7After the download is completed, click the "Run" button.
  8. 8 Follow the instructions in the installer.


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I installed Windows Media Player 11 on the Windows Vista desktop, and I was surprised when I read the DVD and a dialog box popped up saying that Windows Media Player could not play DVD-Video. You should be wondering what a WMP media player is if it cannot play DVDs (and many other useful codecs such as MP3 and xvid / DivX). A quick Google search gave the answer, which I will show in the next post.

Error Message

Full text of the error message: "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD-Video. You may need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open “Screen Settings” in the control panel and try reducing the screen resolution and color quality settings. “I'm sorry for the poor people who actually follow these tips and play with their screen resolution and color settings only to find that WMP still does not play DVDs. He could at least say something like “I can't read DVDs” instead of this sucky excuse.

1. Download Another Media Player

If you want to completely exclude Windows Media Player, you can instead choose a media player, such as VLC Media Player, which is cross-platform and supports various ready-made music and video formats. Download VLC Media Player for Windows, OS / X and Linux and others from the main download page.

2. Download The Codec Pack

You can insert codecs into Windows Media Player if you decide to continue using it. I already installed the “Vista Codec Pack” for DivX / xvid playback, but I think it did not have the necessary things to play DVD. A bit of Google and I discovered the K-Lite codec pack, which you can download from

I downloaded it and ran the installer. He was smart enough to know that I had already installed the Vista codec pack and asked me to check if I should remove it. When I agreed, he automatically opened the Vista Codec Pack uninstaller and continued installation after uninstalling. Very cool.

The first screenshot below shows the options presented to you during installation. A large number of codecs are available, and you can also install Windows Media Player Classic or not.

The following screenshot shows a drop-down list of profile sections. Profile 2 performs the same standard installation as Profile 1, but does not install the player (which can be done by unchecking the box next to Media Player Classic).

When you have finished choosing the profile and / or codec to install, continue to click Next, install, etc. until the application is installed. When finished, you can play DVDs, etc.Other multimedia formats in Windows Media Player.

1Double The Video Or Audio File.

If you try to play a media file that WMP does not understand, WMP will help you find the codec. In this case, WMP cannot find the codec used for playback. Requires The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari_xvid-belos.avi. Therefore, this message is displayed.

Again, this is one of the most important questions to which there are many answers, and the main and main problem in this regard is that the user cannot read files without a compatible DVD decoder installed. , An error means that a compatible DVD decoder is not installed, and a problem occurs.

To ensure that the problem is resolved and that users can make full use of the resources of Windows Media Player to play DVD files, this guide is intended to ensure that the best and most modern methods and DVDs are accessible with the installed decoders, the user can optimally use the playback functions DVD The most important point to pay attention to isit means that the user will not be able to read files, even if the DVD format has been checked in an accessible format, since a DVD decoder is necessary for the file or DVD to be available on CD Form. The lack of a DVD decoder not only creates problems, but also ensures that the problem will never be resolved in this regard. Thus, the answer to the above question is that a person can not get the most out of it, since a DVD decoder is not installed and the required file format is not supported by Windows Media Player.

Part 1. The Best Alternative For Windows Media Player To Play And Convert DVD Video

To simplify the playback of DVD contents on conventional players, mobile phones and other portable devices, converting DVDs to commonly used video formats is ideal. Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best tools with which you can easily and without compromising on quality perform the conversion task. The program supports the conversion of the discs you need in many formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV and m Many others. You can convert the main movie or all the movies on the disc. Editing and configuring files is also supported by the built-in editor. You can also use the built-in player in the software to play uploaded videos. If Windows Media Player does not play DVDs, or if you want to play these files on multiple devices, convert them using the following instructions.

Steps To Convert DVD To Video Using Windows Media Player Alternative

Step 1 Launch The Software And Add The Video From The DVD

Insert a DVD to convert to a drive on your computer. Download, install and launch Wondershare UniConverter on your PC. Select the Transform section in the main program interface. Open the drop-down menu under “Download DVD,” and select a DVD with a DVD drive.

Step 2: Play DVD Movies

DVD movies are uploaded to the program interface with a thumbnail. To play movies using the built-in player, hover over the thumbnail and click the play.

Step 3 Select DVD Output Format

Expand the drop-down list in the "Convert all files to: in the upper right corner" section. Select the desired output format from the video list. Also select a file resolution.

Step 4 Convert DVD To Video

In the Output section, locate and select the file location to save the converted files. Click the Convert All button to convert DVD to Windows Media Player.

Part 2. How To Play DVD In Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a standard Windows system application that can be used to play video, audio, and other multimedia files on the system. If your system has a DVD player and compatible DVD decoders are installed, you can use Windows Media Player to access and play your DVD files. Let your Windows Media Player play DVDs easily.

DVD Playback Steps On Windows Media Player

Step 2: When a disc is inserted, it usually reads automatically. If the disc cannot be played separately, open the Windows Media Player application on your PC and Select the disc inserted in the navigation area below the player library. The application switches to the current playback mode to read the inserted disc. You also need to select a DVD title or chapter title.

Part 3. Download DVD-decoder For Windows Media Player

There are many DVD decoders that the user can download to make sure that the problem is resolved and that playing the DVD is enjoyable. However, this guide ensures that two of the best DVD decoders are presented:

The last part of the manual ensures that the user gets a thoughtful overview of how to download, operate and install the Power DVD decoder, as it is the most popular DVD decoder used and used to ensure that the User does not experience problems associated with playing DVD files via Windows Media Player

The best way to play DVD video on Windows is to convert DVD to WMV or other formats compatible with Windows. With Wondershre UniConverter, you can convert DVDs to video and play them directly without losing quality a. Free download and trial version.



How do I get Windows Media Player to play DVDs?

How to play a CD or DVD
Insert the disc you want to play into the player. Usually the disc plays automatically. If this does not work, or if you want to play an already inserted disc, open Windows Media Player, then select the disc name in the navigation area of ​​the player library.


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