Best Solution for Hard Disk Failure System Log

July 05, 2020 by Anthony Mellor


You should check these recovery methods if you see an error message regarding the system error log of the hard drive on your PC.

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You can be sure that the error message \\ Device \\ HardDisk0 \\ DR0 points to drive 0, as shown in the MMC for Disk Management (Run> Disk Management). If for any reason the number of failed drives changes between the error time and the device manager check time, you will blame the wrong hard drive.



This will not solve your problem, it’s just the FUTURE convenient place to search for the things you see in the event viewer:

Enter your event number and source, then read the comment and link sections, see what it means (or can mean), and you can get ideas on how to do it

Some protocols, such as Security and Internet Explorer, may be completely empty or contain only a few elements. The default settings for XP do not log these actions unless you need to solve a problem in these areas. If you enable logging for them Logs fill up quickly and can have a negative impact on system performance with any additional actions (usually unnecessary).

If you installed Microsoft Office, it has its own logs, which can be empty, sometimes annoying, or very inactive if there are no problems with Office applications. This is normal.

Not all events are a problem, some notifications that everything is in order, and other warnings.

How do I fix device harddisk0 dr0 has a bad block?

Solution 1.
CHKDSK is a built-in Windows utility that allows you to analyze and repair hard disk failures caused by bad sectors, incorrect or sudden shutdowns, corrupted software, and corrupted metadata. CHKDSK analysis is the most common method for solving the problem "Device \\ Device \\ Hard disk0 \\ DR0 has a damaged block."

Each event is sorted bydate and time. Errors are red X, warnings are yellow! S. Informational messages in white. Not all errors or warnings mean that there is a serious problem. Some of them are excusable at startup when Windows starts. Try to find only events by the date and time of your problem.

February 2021 Update:

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I think that no event in the Event Viewer should avoid a reasonable explanation. If I see a red event on my systems, it's an abomination until I find out!

disk error system event log



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