Best way to uninstall: disable Safe Mode with Windows 7 Network

August 25, 2020 by Edward Schneider


If your PC is in Safe Mode with Windows 7 Network Error Code disabled, you should check these fix methods.

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How to disable safe mode on startup in Windows 7 - simple fix like "msconfig" in the search box - open msconfig - on the general tab select normal startup or selective startup (no diagnostic startup) - in the Home tab, uncheck the Safe Boot box ... Click Apply and OK, then restart.



How do I go from safe mode to normal mode?

To exit Safe Mode, open System Configuration Tool by running Run. Keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + R) and type msconfig then OK. Tap or click the Home tab, clear the Secure Boot check box, click Apply, and then click OK. When you restart your computer, Windows 10 Safe Mode closes.

If you already had a password, it would always be required when booting in safe mode.

If your other users have default user level accounts, they won't be able to abuse Safe Mode unless they get your password or know how to boot into a different environment using a USB / DVD connected to the system.

You seem to have enabled the built-in administrator account [often called the default administrator]. This is optional and it is best to keep this account intact [any user profile can get corrupted during use and you may have to rely on the built-in administrator to use it to save you one day]. Create a traditional Administrator account for 2. routine emergencies. If only one administrator account exists, the user profile may be corrupted. Recovery [although not too difficult] may be a little scary the first time. If you have an out-of-the-box replacement for a traditional Hell accountYour administrator, you can use it for troubleshooting.

June 2021 Update:

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The only extra step to consider is to install a password protected BIOS. This should be handled with caution, as losing your password will harm you. Setting a BIOS password and configuring the system to boot only from the hard drive will prevent this. nice little ones to boot from an external DVD / USB and have complete control over the system despite everything you've configured in user accounts.

This precaution will require you to go back to BIOS and enable booting from DVD / USB if you need to [during troubleshooting / recovery].

Possible BIOS passwords and individual password meanings differ depending on the PC manufacturer and everyone uses different names for them [my Dell has 3 possible BIOS passwords and each does a different job].

disable safe mode with networking windows 7

Do a BIOS search [this is often done by hitting the F2 key during boot, but your manual states that] to see what BIOS passwords can be set, what each password does, and how they relate to each other.friend - one of them can be the master password, you can Check what can be loaded from [HDD / USB / DVD]. This can be the hard disk password.

Personally, I have set the boot password so that it can only be booted from the hard drive. I have set a master password so that no one can enter BIOS and change the first password. This means that someone can remove the hard drive from my PC and read its contents. on another computer, but I accept the risk. This combination means that there is no need to store additional passwords during normal use [only when I want to boot from a USB device].

How do I get my Windows 7 Ultimate out of safe mode?



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