Download corrupted uninstall directory in Windows Fix Utility

June 25, 2020 by Kevin Carvajal


This guide shows some possible causes that might cause Windows to delete the damaged directory. Then it will provide possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

  1. Restart your computer and F8 before booting into Windows.
  2. Select safe mode from the list of options on the screen, and then switch to safe mode.
  3. Browse and find the files you want to delete. Select this file and press the Delete key.
  4. Open the basket and remove it from the basket.

delete corrupt directory in windows




This article describes solutions for deleting damaged files that cannot be deleted in the usual way, as well as reports on damaged files and methods for recovering deleted files that were accidentally deleted.

Signs That You Cannot Delete Corrupted Files

Generally, deleting files is easy, and many users can delete files by mistake. Corrupted files cannot be deleted as easily as usual. Here are the error messages you may see when deleting a damaged file.

"My laptop is running Windows 7. Recently, I installed a third-party program that required changing certain DLL files on system 32. After restarting the system, an error message appeared stating that the DLL file was missing. is displayed. I tried to put the saved DLL in the place to which it belongs. However, I could not delete the damaged file. I read articles and solutions on forums and websites and tried many solutions, for example, changing the extension, becoming the owner, etc. But no one worked. I tHe also tried to execute the task in the task manager, then tried to delete it, but received the error message "Access denied ..."

There May Be Reasons Why The Files Are Damaged:

How To Delete Corrupted Files?

Corrupted files are files that no longer work or cannot be used and can eventually shut down the system or even result in the loss of important data. If you cannot delete the damaged files, try the following methods to delete them.

Method 1: Restart The Computer And Delete The Corrupted Data

Method 2. Deleting Corrupted Files In Safe Mode

Method 3: Delete Files From The Command Line

Remember to replace the with the path to the file you want to delete, for example, B. DEL / F / Q / A C: \ Users \ LJ \ Desktop \ 120.vhd

/ F means force file deletion, Q / means force read-only file deletion, and / A selects files with the Ready to Archive attribute.

Method 4: Permanently Delete Corrupted Files From PartitionGuru

Eassos PartitionGuru is free and fullUseful disk management software that allows you to resize / clone / restore partitions, change raw data, manage virtual disks, check for bad sectors, delete data, etc. You can also use it to delete files that cannot be completed for normal deletion.









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