How to enable BIOS settings in case of processor fan failure

July 08, 2020 by Kevin Carvajal


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Recently, some users told us that they found BIOS settings for a processor fan failure. Processor fan speed error is a common error due to the use of liquid cooling and is not a common air-cooled method in our systems. On the “Monitor” tab, set the processor fan speed from N / A (not available) to IGNORE. Press F10 to save and exit changes. This will turn off the sensor and allow you to start normally.



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In this modern world, we rely heavily on our electronic devices, such as computers or smartphones. Their use in our daily lives has increased significantly, and we are almost forced to use them in our offices and at home. However, when using these electronic devices, we must ensure that the material remains cold so that we can continue our work without any obstacles. For this, fans are used as coolers for cooling important components of a PC or laptop. Components such as a processor, hard drive, or GPU must have special fans to keep them beautiful and cool. Although the use of fans in a computer system is extremely important, they can cause problems. One of them is processor fan failure.

How do I disable CPU fan in BIOS?

In the BIOS, go to the Fan Control section, not the Monitoring section. The processor fan headers should be indicated - “Q-FAN processor control - on or off” should be displayed. Activate this setting. Then look at the setting below “CPU Fan Speed ​​Limit” and set to “Skip”.

This error message is displayed when you try to start the system. When you receive an error message, you can no longer access your system and do what you planned. This error message may appear for many reasons, such as B. due to physical problems with the fan due to a software error that affects the proper functioning of the fan. However, we will cover all of this in detail in this article.

What Causes The Processor Fan Error Message?

How do I turn on fans in BIOS?

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll through the BIOS menu to the Monitor, Status, or other submenus with the same name (this also varies slightly depending on the manufacturer). Select the “Fan speed control” option in the submenu to open the fan control.

Please note that first we will show you various bug fixes to make sure there are no physical problems with the fan. We will review the fan configuration later and walk you through the configuration.

Hardware Troubleshooting:

What does CPU fan not detected mean?

This means that he says - the processor fan is not connected or has failed. It must be repaired or replaced to prevent the computer from overheating.

Before you participate, be sure to unscrew your computer and check the fans themselves. If you do not have basic knowledge, we recommend that you hand over your system to the nearest technical specialist and check it. Follow the instructions below to check the fan for physical damage.

Software Troubleshooting:

If you performed hardware troubleshooting and the fans are working properly, it means the problem is due to a software error. To fix the problem, follow the instructions below.

cpu fan error bios setting



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