The best way to get rid of this - .dll not found


There may be an error indicating that the .dll was not found. There are several steps you can take to solve this problem. That is why we will return to this in a minute.

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A DLL file error restarts your computer. Often there are cache problems that are automatically resolved upon restart. But if some. The dll files are missing; you cannot restart the computer.

comes .dll was not found


How do I find missing DLL files?

Type “SFC / SCANNOW” and press Enter. System File Checker scans your system and then replaces missing or damaged files in your system with files on your Windows hard drive. Follow the onscreen instructions. When you're done, restart your computer.


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There are many types of files with the extension .DLL, some of which are necessary for running applications and services. For example, graphics software using DirectX requires .dll files to ensure smooth operation. Therefore, DLL errors can be problematic. If you are interested in video games or video editing, it is natural to ask: “Can I recover a missing DirectX DLL file?”

If you have the same problem, do not worry, because we have prepared several methods that you can use to solve it. Read on to find out how to recover a missing DirectX DLL file and fix other DLL related errors.

First Of All ...

Restart Your Computer

In some cases, the error temporarily affects the DLL files, and simply restarting the system may fix the error. However, note that this option only works if you can successfully start Windows.

Recover Deleted DLL File

You may have deleted the DLL, so it was lost. Therefore it is advisable to browsepost articles in your basket. If you find the missing dll file, repair it. If you cannot get normal access to your system due to a problem, we recommend that you switch to safe mode if you follow the solutions in this article. To do this, follow these steps:

Method 1: Using System Restore

A recent update or change to your system’s configuration or registry could cause a DLL error. If so, it is recommended that you reset the system to a recovery point where everything worked fine. To do this, follow the instructions below.

The process takes about 15 minutes. It is important not to interrupt this. Your computer will restart after the process is complete. Please note that the change is irreversible if you perform a system restore in safe mode.

Method 2: Update Drivers

It is recommended that you update hardware drivers that are affected by the DLL error. Driver updates can be performed manually, but we generally do not recommend it. After all, the process can be long and long. If you select this option, you should notIt will be necessary to check on the manufacturer’s website the latest drivers compatible with your system. If you install the wrong drivers, you may have problems with system instability.

Therefore, we recommend that you automate the process using a reliable program such as Auslogics Driver Updater. When you use this tool, it detects your system and finds the latest drivers recommended by the manufacturer. It also covers all corrupted, missing, and outdated drivers - not just those related to the DLL error. After the process is complete, you can expect your operating system to perform better.

Method 3: Perform SFC Analysis

One of the great features of Windows 10 is that it has built-in tools that allow you to use common problems, such as corrupt or missing DLL errors. You can try SFC scanning to make sure that all corrupted or damaged DLL files provided by Microsoft are replaced correctly. Just do the following:

The understatement processdawks for a few minutes. So be patient and do not interrupt him. Then check if the problem persists.

Is it not unpleasant to get an error when opening a program that you constantly use? This is much more common than you can imagine - at least your suffering has company. It may make you feel better the next time you see this error. Often, this error indicates a missing DLL file that you do not even suspect.

What Is A Dll File?

Dynamic Link Library, or DLL for short, is a common instruction library that can be used by two or more programs. As a rule, all programs are divided into different modules, and DLL files contain these modules, especially those that are common in programs.

DLLs help code modularity, code reuse, memory efficiency and less space. All this means that programs work faster and more efficiently.

Problems Encountered With Any DLL File

A dependency is created each time a program uses a DLL.If another program uses the same DLL and changes its contents, or, even worse, deletes the file itself, the dependence of the first program is broken, and the first program is no longer executed.

How To Fix Omit DLL File Error

Never Download A DLL File

Although it might seem tempting to download a missing .dll file from the Internet, you should definitely avoid this solution. First of all, a downloaded DLL file may contain malware that can infect your entire system. To top it all off, the downloaded version may not match the version of your operating system, and this will certainly increase your problems.

Restart Your Computer

The easiest way to fix a missing .dll file error is to restart your computer. Often there are cache issues that are automatically resolved upon restart.

However, if some DLL files are missing, you cannot restart the computer. In this case, force a restart and see if this solves the problem.

Recover Deleted Files

Sometimes you are randomo deleted the dll file yourself. If so, find your garbage and recover it. You can also recover deleted files using file recovery software. However, keep in mind that this method will not solve your problem if the DLL file was damaged before uninstalling. This only works for valid but deleted DLL files.

Malicious Software

Malicious software creates additional DLL files that may affect the functioning of existing files. To avoid this possibility, scan your computer with good malware. Restart your computer and try if the desired program works.

Restore Your System

Although this is not the best option, you can still perform a system restore to restore your computer to an earlier time. This can fix the missing dll file error. However, some recent changes to registry variables and installed applications will be lost.

Reinstall The Application

If you have the original CD or you can Uninstall software that causes an missing .dll file error, try it. This should fix the problem in many cases, especially if it was caused by a DLL conflict with other running programs.

Update Driver

Sometimes when using hardware such as a printer, an error is missing from the missing DLL file. This error may be due to an older version of the driver, which is incompatible with the updated DLL file. Therefore, the printer is looking for the wrong DLL file and cannot find it.

Update Windows

Some Windows updates may modify or replace DLL files so that these files are not available if another program wants to use them. Update Windows and see if this fixes the error. The advantage of this hotfix is ​​that it also improves the overall health of your system.

Scan SFC (check System Files)

Using system file check is the best way to fix missing DLL file errors. SFC is built into Windows 7 and above, which replaces missing DLL files and corrects thishave a problem. To run this scan, enter “sfc / scannow” at the command line. A good idea is to run this command in safe mode.

Use The System Update Preparation Tool

The System Update Preparation Tool, also known as the Deployment Image Management and Management Tool (DISM), fixes some corruption errors in Windows. It may also work here.

This command uses Windows Update to check for damage. If you are using a Windows installation as a recovery source or are using Windows from a share, you must specify this location. In this case, your order

For Windows 7 and Vista, download and run the latest version of the System Update Preparation Tool. This tool automatically installs updates and fixes problems. Restart your computer and see if this solves the problem.

Startup Recovery

Startup recovery is another option to reset all DLL files to their original working state. However, this hotfix may causeOther problems, especially if the program has updated the DLL files.

Here are some ways to fix a missing dll file error. While many of these fixes seem simple, you might have to try some of them from the list, since it's hard to say what will work.



How do I fix missing DLL files in Windows 10?

If your Windows 10/8/7 computer does not have DLL files, the best way to fix these errors is as follows:
  1. Run the built-in system file check to replace missing or damaged operating system files.
  2. Run the DISM tool, restore the Windows system image, and repair the damaged memory of the Windows components.


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