What causes a C drive error message without formatting problems?


In the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error where the error message for drive c cannot be formatted. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let's discuss it below.

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Formatting a drive in Windows is relatively easy. Just select a drive, right-click and select a format. Select disk utilities or other programs that use the player, and make sure that no windows display the contents of the player. Then try formatting again.

cannot format c drive error message


How do I force a drive to format?

Follow these steps to format the drive:
  1. STEP 1. Open a command prompt as administrator. Open a command prompt.
  2. STEP 2: use Diskpart. Use Diskpart.
  3. STEP 3: Enter the list of drives.
  4. STEP 4: Select the disk you want to format.
  5. STEP 5: Clean the hard drive.
  6. STEP 6: Create a primary partition.
  7. STEP 7: format the disk.
  8. STEP 8: Assign a drive letter.


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Unable to access the partition on removable media because Windows cannot complete formatting? If you continue to receive the error message “Windows could not format the removable disk” or a similar error, you can try the solutions described here. First of all, do not forget to restore data from inaccessible media.

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Error: You Cannot Format This Volume

"I tried to format the C system drive, as I format other partitions after double In Windows 10, click "This Computer." Right-click on drive C and select Format ... just to get the following prompt: You cannot format this volume. It contains The version of Windows that you are using. Formatting this volume may result in The computer has stopped working. I'm confused. It offers a formatting and disk formatting FAQ. The link after clicking on Windows gives me many questions and answers, and many of them Terminology. I can not understand it clearly. What should I do to remove this? System disk "

This is a reference article for formatting system disks in Windows 10. This is actually Formatting error that occurs in any operating system Windows, Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista. Other similar formatting errors on Windows: Windows The system partition on this hard drive cannot be formatted "and" Windows cannot Fill out the “Disk Management” and “System partition should not be formatted, formatting failed "in Diskpart.

Why Can't You Format The System Drive In Windows?

According to Microsoft, this is a security feature that cannot be used to uninstall Windows. Accident. The system section contains boot files that must be run for Windows such as boot.ini, Ntldr, Bootmgr, and BCD.

On the other hand, the C system drive is the active partition that is configured to boot The section containing the operating system. One partition on each hard drive can be defined as the active partition, and the partition cannot be formatted or deleted in a Windows environment. This means that you can format without Windows. Environment.

How to exit the Windows environment? Windows gives you one Option with the Windows installation CD. Do not worry, even if you do not have Windows Installation CD because you cannot format this other simple fix A volume error is displayed, then.

How Not To Format This Volume On Windows?

If you are well versed in practice, you can remove the supplied hard drive Operating system from your computer and connect it to another computer as an additional Warehouse. Then format directly in the Windows environment. You also have Two more specific ways to format a Windows system drive. Come closer.

Format The System Volume From The Windows Installation CD

To completely format the hard drive of your computer, you can refer to the installation of Windows A discount. Please note that all data on the hard disk will be lost, as well as the operation System. This means that you cannot boot from this hard drive after formatting. To be careful. backup files before reformatting , if available.

1. To solve this problem, you cannot format the system volume, turn off the computer and insert It is Windows. Installation CD. Boot from disk. Then the installation interface will be displayed. Choose a language to suit your situation. Click Next to Continue.

2. In the next window, click "Install Now" and you will be redirected to the next page. Install. Select the hard drive on which the system drive C is located, and click Format. Till During the installation process, you can re-format and reformat the hard drive, or perhaps Reinstall Windows.

This is pretty easy to solve, because the C problem cannot be formatted. As already mentioned The Windows installation CD removes all files and programs from the disk. And if you Do you only want to format the system volume? Also for a user who does not have Windows Installation CD, the above method is not possible. Fortunately, you can complete the system. Formatting with the free formatting tool.

Format The System Partition In Windows PE Mode

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard for free The partition manager, which can help you solve this problem, cannot format to tackle this problem of volume light coloured. In particular, you use WinPE to create a bootable flash drive or CD / DVD Installed ISO-file and AOMEI Partition Assistant. Then boot from the boot Run the device and format. You can format or format only the system drive entire hard drive. Download and install the AOMEI partition Standard helper to try.

1. Insert the USB flash drive or CD / DVD into the computer. Launch the AOMEI section Assistant. Click Create Bootable Media to create a version for WinPE. Boot device. Follow the wizard to complete the creation.

All data on the USB flash drive or CD / DVD will be deleted. Save files if necessary. You can Export the WinPE ISO file and create bootable media with other devices.

2. Turn off the computer and boot it from the boot device you created. You will find AOMEI Section assistant immediately after connecting. Run it and right click on the system Volume. Select Format Partition from the list provided.


Formatting is really simpleA task if you know how to do it right. System formatting is not recommended for regular users. That's why you meet them This volume error cannot be formatted in Windows 8/10 / Vista / 7 / XP. Make sure you know it what do you do.

With the exception of formatting a system drive without a Windows environment, the AOMEI section The assistant performs many other useful tasks. For example, you can move the operating system to C. Drive overwrite all data if you want to transfer the system.

I want to format Your SD card, flash drive or external hard drive is a good step. But if you An error occurs that says: “Windows was unable to complete format "along the way?

Usage Command Line

The Windows command line can help you with this. Finally, the command line is the easiest way to format the hard drive.

So I do introduced a specific command. I chose it because in my case it is a reader problematic. This should not be the case with you.

If your own player C no need to format. You can also stop To be there. You can change the player C in the letter of the drive you want to format.

For example, the drive letter you want to format is drive "J". The file system that you want to have on the disk is “FAT32”. Therefore, in the command prompt window, you must enter the following information: Format J: / fs: FAT32.

Usage Disk Management

One of the relatively simple ways to do this is to use the Windows disk management tool. With this program you can manage various disks on your computer.

Use Third-party Tools

You can also search using third-party tools for this. Advantage of this approach is that you use tools specifically designed for this Purpose.

If the above Windows tools could not fix this error, another practical solution is to let these tools work for you. Just make sure that the ones you download and install on your system are 100% safe. The following items have been checked by us and are clean.

Thisabout hard drive Management software for Windows and Mac users. Its free version can handle this. Transparent task. And if in the end you like the way it works and you are missing You can choose a premium version.

so you can Copy, move, resize and merge partitions. You can also contact the operating system to transfer it. and convert MBR / GPT disk without data loss.



How do I fix error 0x8004242d?

How can I fix the "Format selected partition" error (error 0x8004242d)?
  1. Solution 1: delete all partitions.
  2. Solution 2. Clean your hard drive using Diskpart.exe.
  3. Solution 3. Disable USB download support.


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