Solve the problem that user folders cannot be deleted in Windows XP

June 26, 2020 by Logan Robertson


This user guide lists some possible causes that might interfere with deleting user folders in Windows XP. Next, I will offer several possible repair methods that you can try to solve this problem.

Right-click the folder and select Properties. Look at the read-only field. If it is not completely white, click on it so that it is no longer read-only. Then try to remove it. If this does not work, try renaming and deleting the file. and if it is still there, try renaming it, then move and delete it.

cannot delete user folder in windows xp




I have a backup of an earlier Windows folder Documents and Settings , which contains only my original user and is located in two other directories: Favorites and Local Settings .

I used Unlocker v1.8.5 and LockHunter at several levels to determine if files are being used. However, both still say: the files are not locked.

Update # 1:

Update # 2:

I ran chkdsk / f , which required a reboot, as it is in my main system partition. During phase 2 of the scan, I had about 40:

Update # 3:

I found that, unlike all directories, I could not rename any of these files. I also noticed that the file names + directory were very long:

Home directory = 194 characters
File Names = 100+ Characters
Together, the length exceeds the limit of 255 characters, which is bad and explains the error message that I posted in update 1.

Partial Solution:

Rename all directories until the total path length is less than 100. Afterof this, I was able to rename the .frx files, remembering that you delete everything in the Local Settings directory.

Update No. 4 (another Partial Solution):

Use harrymc’s answer and carefully read this amazing article on MS-KB, which contains almost all ideas and some inconspicuous names: you cannot delete a file or folder on an NTFS file system volume.

I was able to delete the second folder C: \ 1 \ 2 \ Favorites \ Photography \ FIRE . The problem was that in the end there was an invisible space. I had the opportunity to make a semi-automatic recording by playing with the command del "\\? \ " that he proposed.

Now only the first directory C: \ 1 \ 2 \ Favorites \ Vienna \ What To Do .. remains (yes, I tried several times to use several combinations of the above solution above;)









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