Troubleshooting with the Easy Way Local Burner Control Panel

September 19, 2020 by Christian Longman


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If you notice the local burner control panel, the following user manual will help you. Local Control Panels (LCPs) are commonly used to monitor, control and protect instrumentation systems. We offer LCPs that are easy to maintain and can be installed directly onto frames or rails.



Individual Devices And Equipment For Boiler Control.

IB&M has applied new technologies and created its own workshop and test center for boiler control panels, which are designed to control steam boilers and boiler control systems. In our own boiler test center, we can create custom dashboards and perform online troubleshooting for boiler control systems around the world.

Testing The Boiler Equipment

Boiler Combustion Test Center allows IB&M technicians to design boiler dashboards and test panels on our website through the Boiler Simulation Test Center. Customers can come to our factory and use their new system, as well as receive training in our panel workshop before shipping the new control system.

Boiler Control Building

How does a burner management system work?

Burner Management Systems (BMS), also known as fire protection systems, provide safe operation and safe control of combustion systems. The BMS starts the burner in the correct order by purging the combustion chamber with gas, igniting the pilot and opening the main gas or oil valves.

Individual boiler control panels are manufactured by IB&M. Once approved by the customer, the panels are thoroughly tested prior to installation Local testing and programming on site. Since most of the testing has already taken place at IB&M, the customer can benefit from a faster, smoother installation process with less downtime.

October 2020 Update:

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We design, build and test all control systems, and can also create custom control systems for applications. All our systems are Ethernet compatible. We provide complete electrical drawings, P&IDs, wiring diagrams and a list of recommended parts.

burner local control panel

We have test instruments to conduct a baseline flare test for oil # 2 and natural gas from 200 to 2000 hp. The results are used to determine if the burner / boiler is efficient enough to require a control system upgrade or a new burner / boiler. Our management service also offers a complete boiler room study and a basic check with our own test instruments to show the results and optimum burner performance before retrofitting controls, burners or boilers. We are inWe always recommend this basic test as it shows if the burner can operate with lower O2, carbon monoxide, NOx, SOx or other burner and boiler problems.



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