Fixed: How to restore boot in safe mode from Windows


Sometimes your system may report that Windows starts in safe mode. There may be several reasons for this error.

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  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. On the login screen, select Power> Restart while holding down the Shift key.
  3. Your computer will restart, but this time the settings screen will load.

booting into safe mode from windows


How do I boot in Safe Mode?

Step 1: reboot in safe mode
  1. Press and hold the power button on your device.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the screen. Click on OK.
  3. After viewing “Safe Mode” at the bottom of the screen, wait until the problem is resolved.


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Starting your computer in safe mode is a convenient way to diagnose common problems with your computer, including malware and unwanted applications that pose a threat to your security. There are many ways to switch to safe mode in Windows 10, whether you boot or reboot the system. Read on to find out how and when you can use this important Windows feature.

How To Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode

There are two ways to start your computer in safe mode of Windows 10. When your computer loads the login screen, you can start Windows 10 when it starts in safe mode. If when you open the computer you get only a blank screen, you can follow the instructions for downloading in safe mode from a blank screen.

Steps To Start Safe Mode From The Login Screen:

Actions To Start Safe Mode From A Blank Screen:

Test Your Connections

If you tried to start in safe mode from a blank screen, but nothing happened,There may be a problem connecting to your computer or screen. Here are a few things you can try:

How To Restart Windows 10 In Safe Mode

If you are logged into your system profile, you can simply reboot into safe mode through the settings menu. Unlike some previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 does not require an invitation in safe mode.

If you want to exit safe mode, just restart your computer. After rebooting, you will return to the normal installation of Windows.

What Is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode allows you to start a computer or mobile device and diagnose problems with the operating system. Unlike normal mode of operation, the safe mode of the computer downloads only the software that it really needs and ignores all third-party programs or drivers that you may have installed (or work with low resolution). This has been a feature of Windows operating systems since 1995.

When To Boot In Safe Mode

As a diagnostic tool,you usually need to boot in safe mode only if you want to solve a problem with your device or computer. This can be especially useful if you have exhausted other methods to solve common problems with Windows 10.

If you encounter a problem that you encountered in safe mode, you know that there is a problem with the device’s default settings and drivers. If you cannot reproduce the problem in safe mode, you can assume that the problem is in the non-essential software and applications on your device.

Because so few features are loaded, booting in Windows Safe Mode can solve common problems like malware and unstable hardware drivers without endangering your system or network.

Another time, you boot in safe mode after detecting third-party malware. In this mode, you can access the control panel and uninstall the software without starting automatically at startup, which may lead to a further breakdown.burning or damaging your computer or Windows device. See our online privacy guide for how to prevent such attacks.

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How do I start laptop in safe mode?

How to boot in safe mode
  1. Click the Start button in the lower left.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. From the Settings menu, select Update and Security.
  4. In the list of available options, click Recovery.
  5. In the "Advanced Launch" section, click the "Restart Now" button.
  6. Your computer will shut down and Windows 10 will restart.
  7. Click on advanced options.

What is Safe Mode in Windows?

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of the computer operating system (OS). On Windows, only important system programs and services can be started in safe mode at startup. Safe mode will help solve most, if not all, problems in the operating system. It is also often used to remove unwanted security programs.


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