Troubleshoot Utility Beep Error


In the past few weeks, some users have come across a well-known error message with a beep. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will discuss it now.

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“The only AwardBIOS sound code indicates that a video error has occurred and that the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display additional information. This beep code consists of one long beep, followed by two short beeps. All other audio signals probably concern problems with random access memory (randomly). "

beep error


What does 1 beep mean on a computer?

Sound signal If you hear a short sound signal when the computer starts, it usually means that the POST test is completed and no errors were found, so your operating system boots normally.


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AMIBIOS is a type of BIOS created by American megatrends. Many popular motherboard manufacturers have integrated AMIBOS AMI into their systems.

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A few short beeps made by the BIOS at startup when a memory, cache, or processor error occurs. There are many patterns of beep codes, and Phoenix BIOS codes are long and short beeps made by groups. The following beep codes apply to the AMI BIOS. There are additional sound codes for this BIOS that are not included here. See BIOS and POST card. 1 signal - update error Reinstall / replace the memory and fix all errors on the motherboard. 2 beeps - parity error Reinstall / replace the memory and fix all errors on the motherboard. 3 beeps - memory error (first 64 KB) Reinstall / replace the repository. 4 beeps - timer error Motherboard troubleshooting 5 beeps - processor error Troubleshoot the processor, motherboard. 6 beeps - Oshkeyboard control Keyboard and motherboard troubleshooting. 7 beeps - virtual exception Troubleshoot the processor, motherboard. 8 beeps - displays memory errors Trouleshoot video card, motherboard. 9 beeps - BIOS ROM checksum error Replace the BIOS ROM and troubleshoot the motherboard. 10 beeps - CMOS shutdown register error Motherboard troubleshooting 11 beeps - second level cache error Repair the malfunction of the L2 cover of the motherboard. Continuous beeps - memory or video errors Troubleshoot memory, graphics card and motherboard.

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If Your Computer Beeps And Does Not Start

WhenOn startup, computers run a power-on self-test, commonly known as POST. If you have problems starting up, you can diagnose them using the error codes on the screen. However, if nothing appears on the screen, the computer may use tones (sound codes) to tell you what is wrong. Many of these errors indicate hardware problems that a service technician must resolve. However, some errors can be easily fixed. For example, keyboard controller errors often mean that your keyboard is not connected.

Below are the sound codes of some popular BIOS brands for PC. For more information about Mac audio codes or startup tones, see Apple Support. About startup tones for Mac computers.


BIOS Award products that were not manufactured using Phoenix technology use the following beeps. This information comes from the BIOS Central Award BIOS Sound Code page:

AMI (American Megatrends)




Next infThe statement refers to Phoenix BIOS Q3.07 ​​or 4.x. This information is taken from Phoenix BIOS Sound Codes Section from POST and sound code page .

BIOS is the computer’s "basic input / output system". This is firmware that is stored on a tiny chip in the motherboard of almost all computers. The main function of the BIOS is to provide communication between the operating system and the hardware components. Each time the system boots, the BIOS performs a kind of self-test. This test is called “POST” and means “power-on self test”

If an error occurs during the POST procedure, the BIOS sends a specific signal (sound code) through the system speakers to warn the user about a specific problem. How you open the BIOS depends on your computer — different manufacturers use different methods. The process of updating the BIOS also depends on the manufacturer. Read on to find out what the most common sound codes mean.



How do you fix a beeping CPU?

The computer beeps due to internal components
Make sure that the hardware recently added to your computer, such as additional memory or a video card, is installed correctly. Turn off the computer, remove new hardware, and reinstall it. Ensure that each component is firmly inserted into its chassis.

What does 6 beeps mean on a computer?

6 short beeps
Six short beeps indicate that an 8042 Gate A20 test error has occurred. This sound code is usually caused by a faulty expansion card or a faulty motherboard. For more troubleshooting information, see our troubleshooting guide for error A20.


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